The Butterfly Colouring Contest #65

in artzone •  16 days ago 
Friends of Steemit. This stencil was colored by me to participate in the CONTEST that Promote @deemarshall.

I invite you to visit the blog of this artist where you will be surprised to see a lot of talent and beauties of works of both her and the participants.

I wish you have a life of inspiring colors.

Hola amigos de Steemit. Este stencil fue coloreado por mí para participar en el CONCURSO que promueve @deemarshall.

Les invito a visitar el blog de esta artista donde se sorprenderán de ver mucho talento y bellezas de trabajos tanto de ella como de los participantes.

Deseo que tengan una vida de colores inspiradores.


Infinite greetings and until a next post #funny #ButterflyColouring #creativecoin

Saludos infinitos y hasta una próxima publicación divertida ButterflyColouring

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This a really nice butterfly. Thanks for sharing with us and support others. Thanks again for advice me to post travelfeeds. Today I posted the second part of Rio de Janeiro treavel feed. Hope you can make me and advice or suggestion to every day become a better user here. Have a really nice day. Greetings from Argentina. Argentina hug Venezuela with love.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a very nice coloring contest. There are many participants who use professional programs and stencil will look great. I humbly try to offer my best painting. Greetings


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Cool :)

I like your colour choices :)

Thank you. I put colors on the suction cups but it looked very ornate. So I decided on this image. Regards

Gorgeous colours in your Art work. Thanks for sharing your work and the inspiring colours. Blessings from Canada

A big greeting and hug for you. Thank you for appreciating my colorful work.

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Thank you