Reminder - Don't Forget to Enter The Butterfly Colouring Contest #3

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Butterfly Colouring Contest 3.jpg

Hey Everyone!

Come On Guys! Why nit enter The Butterfly Colouring Contest?

It's easy to enter - just colour the stencil and you might win a prize.

1st Prize - 1.000 Steem

2nd Prize - 45% of payout in Steem

3rd Prize - 30% of payout in Steem

4th Prize - 15% of payout in Steem

5th Prize - 5% of payout in Steem


Here is the stencil:

Stencil 3.jpg

Don't leave any entries here.

Follow this link for the full details:

The contest closes on Wednesday 22nd August.


I hope YOU will enter!


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