I decided to play some more FFXIV

in #busy11 months ago (edited)


I must say, I regret that I never used the Group Pose and Idle Camera features until now. They really help you take some amazing screenshots. Unfortunately, I had reformatted my PC, and I lost my old client. This means I had to redo all of my hud elements. It's a good thing I mostly remembered my setup from maybe a year or two ago.


I'm planning to play with @thecastle and some friends that I've made while playing VRChat (a social virtual reality game). I'm definitely looking forward to Shadowbringers, and getting access to Stormblood, which I haven't played yet. I'm pretty behind on the content as of now.



I will probably be streaming some of it on Twitch, while hanging out with other Twitch streamers. Feel free to give me a follow if you're interested. I also stream other stuff like CS:GO and VRChat.

You can also give me a follow at Twitter if you want to stay up to date with what I'm streaming, or doing in general: