Marvelous sweet&sour prawns in Hong Kong, China

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Have a look at this 3 hour feast we had a marvelous restaurant in Hong Kong, China! So many dishes.

Yesterday was the retirement/farewell dinner of the much-respected mentor of mine and our whole department went out to what might well be his favourite Chinese restaurant and around half a hundred of us had quite the feast.

First we had the appetizers, which were divided for us and so it’s four dishes put on one plate. The best was the peanut sauce chicken with rice noodles. That lump of wood bark is actually a Sichuan style beef which was spicy but not spicy enough for me. The rest was decent ordinary fare.


Then came the star of the night, sweet and sour prawns. It’s quite rare that the prawns are big with a bouncy texture while having a strong enough flavor to rise above the sweet and sour sauce. Probably the best sweet and sour seafood I’ve had.


Then came the crab and corn soup. It tastes exactly like the typical Chinese mince chicken and corn soup. You see, sometimes there's no point in swapping out the cheap ingredients.


Next was the peking duck, or as I like to call it Beijing roast duck. Everybody’s favourite but this restaurant made the wrap a bit thick. The ones in Beijing I had were clearly better (Duh, but had to be stated).



Next was the garoupa. It’s sort of sweet, but the texture was nice. Good fish.


And then it’s the Yunnan ham with vegetables. The ham was, to state the obvious, salty, but also had a very delicate flavor. It went super well with the soup-cooked vegetable. Classy.


Next came the teacup which had a nice picture on it, followed by a particularly bland hand-made noodles. The teacup might have tasted more flavorful than the noodles. Not the best way to end the evening’s savoury dishes.



At the very end, a souffle ball with red-bean paste came. It was at the end of 3 hours already and forgive me if I was so tired that I forgot to take a picture. Nothing to ring home about anyway. My mentor had a whale of a time chatting to around ten of his long time colleagues (almost exclusively, which was hilarious in an awkward way, for the other fifty of us)

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