Day 4 of 7: one funny thing, three happy things for one week

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Come read what one funny thing and three happy things I have to write every day for one week!

One funny thing:

Went to meet up a friend (acquaintance?) at a upscale burger joint. We were having sweet potato fries with spicy mayo and he said let's have some ketchup too. I was like, okay. The ketchup was in this fancy nice bottle with a French or Italian name. He said it's new let me shake it a bit. He started shaking the bottle really really hard and then handed it to me. I opened the bottle and immediately half of the contents fell out. He said, guess that's why it's more expensive than Heinz!

Three happy things:

  1. Had a very nice beer during lunch. It was a fresh Japanese ale with some sort of lemon infusion. Didn't realize it until now but that's probably why I felt a bit tired starting around 5pm. It was also a work day. It was nice.
  2. I had a nice chat with an old friend today (not you, J). We might meet up in a few months so it feels great.
  3. I'm going to be able to sleep early today. In fact I'm hitting the bed right after this post. I've been meaning to sleep early so I feel great that I can, finally.

I hope you will give me an upvote to encourage me to continue this challenge. Please follow me if you want to see what I have to write every day! Thanks for reading and have a great day :)



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