Venezuela unrecognizable!

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Hello steemians friends, not even in the worst moments of the so-called IV Republic Venezuelans had suffered such tragic attacks by any government and see that there were bad governments in the past! Chavismo has made the problems of Venezuelans number one in the world, such as inflation and insecurity.

The saddest, after his memory and account before the constituent, Maduro flew figures impalpable in reality, proposes populist formulas and a cryptocurrency that, according to connoted specialists, has all the characteristics of being a bonus, of those that usually issued the quebrada (due to negligence and corruption) PDVSA. Mature at the price that has been said will continue to implement the same country model that has led us to the most outrageous survival.

Venezuelans have become a welcome race all over the planet, because of our sympathy, decomplexity and other virtues that once characterized us, to be a name that other nations look with disdain, the overwhelming number of Venezuelans who day after day emigrate move positions of work in the receiving countries and, it must be said, many migrants accustomed to complicit, corruptible and negligent public institutions want to continue making use of a Creole vividness responsible for the destruction of our country, they put us wrong.
Today we are a nation where holders of national powers publicly offer beatings to their detractors, use grotesque words, are a swarm of negative modeling. As if that were not enough, the new educational program became more elementary, practically the initial education reaches the baccalaureate. A nation where the users of populism prefer to block streets for a given pernil that for quality education, security, employment, respect for the constitution, between an inexhaustible etc.

Venezuela deservedly pays the high price of the idiotization of its policy, having prioritized ideology over public management over efficiency and transparency has its cost.

All this has led us to be an oil country that, after a decade of boom in barrel prices, is bankrupt, does not even count on its derivatives such as gasoline, oils, rubbers or asphalt. A country with 900 kilometers of coasts where fish is a luxury, a nation with 40% of fertile land with scarce and very expensive agricultural products, a country of natural wonders without tourism, where the authorities privilege businessmen and workers of other nations before criollos ... we are a denaturalized country.

Put the name you think is convenient ... but this obscurantism is not Venezuela.


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