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Hello steemians friends, if the shortage of cash is not solved the bachaqueros would fail the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Program.


The truth of the case is that the Plan or Program for Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity can be a marvel, but if we do not have the cash in a normal or regular way in the desired amounts to meet the daily minimum needs of ordinary citizens , everything will be a tremendous failure.

All this in relation to the delivery of cash by public and private banks and, consequently, with points of sale and electronic transactions. The authorities should know that these networks do not work as they should, both in public and private banking. Do not deceive yourself or let them play with our dignity.

Now we have to talk about the mission confusion. It turns out that from the moment of announcing the new national minimum wage (SMN) and, therefore, the new value of old-age pensions, no authority mentioned that it was going to happen with the basket-ticket and with the war bonus. Tangentially, the Minister of Communications announced that a new criterion was being studied to calculate the food voucher or cestaticket different from the tax unit, but that it was necessary to wait.

The protest was made viral by the networks because of the presidential announcement that the payment of pensions would be for the identity card of the motherland; to such a point that the pensioners concentrated to express their formal claim. In a reactive way again the Minister of Communications intervenes to clarify that the President only referred to the pensioners of Households of the Nation (without contributions) and not those of the Compulsory Social Security (SSO) or IVSS (with contributions).

To be more explicit and supposedly gain political dividends, the Minister announced that the mistreatment of the SSO pensioners would be ended by allowing them to charge in the banks without having to queue in the so-called operatives. That September pensions would be deposited on the 1st (Bs.S. 450), the 7 (Bs.S. 450) and the 14 (Bs.S. 900), for a total of Bs.S. 1,800 and that, similarly, these amounts could be charged freely from the dates indicated.

Well it is not so, today September 1 we are announced by the networks that are made the bank deposits of the first part (Bs.S. 450), but that this amount can only be withdrawn in cash Bs. S. 90 as of Monday, September 3. Does the President of the Republic and his ministers know about this whole sea of confusion? Why are not they able to apologize? It is the most elementary respect for the little dignity we have left whether we are revolutionary or not.

As I said, cash is something indispensable to be able to buy at fair and agreed prices. If they do not give us all of our pensions in cash (100%), they will not reach us to survive the disastrous practice of reselling the cash, which continues and with greater force despite the authorities' intention to deny it.

The police and military authorities see with their own eyes and become crazy. We also see it, but we can not do anything except wait for this confusion mission to disappear for the happiness of all.

It is still pending that the competent authorities say whether SSO pensioners are entitled to a war bonus or something equivalent. By the way, in the Official Gazette, none of this has been published. Could it be that nothing is true to finish confusing us?


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