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Hello steemian friends, I can not find another way to start this post than expressing the disappointment I feel for the disparagement to the capacity and potential that exists in our country in the area of development of computer systems and applications.

Some countries have come to the establishment of the new technological platform, including: Germany for printers, France for the identification of footprints, and Cuba for advice on the development of software that integrates technologies. It is on this point that I will focus my words, as you can feel a student of the School of Computing in the Faculty of Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela as a Venezuelan student of what happened.
First of all I want to clarify that my purpose is not to criticize the cooperation agreements of our country with any other nation, I believe that international cooperation is important in any field, especially among Latin American countries, sister countries with which we share, among other things, history, customs and realities.

The justification that was given about the development work of this system by Cuban personnel instead of Venezuelan personnel, trained and trained in our universities, was that we did not have enough experience to elaborate software that integrated these technologies. While in Cuba there is the University of Computer Science, in Venezuela we do not have a specialized study house in that area.

Although a university does not have to be evaluated by its years of existence as an indicator of quality, compared to 8 years of its creation and three promotions of graduates of the UCI, in Venezuela we have universities whose schools or research centers in the area of computer science and computing accumulate several decades of work with recognized achievements and projects. Schools and research centers with teachers and professors who in many cases have dedicated their years of work and research to companies and institutions of the State, before and during the Revolution.

For those who do not know, students from various universities in Venezuela have participated repeatedly in international computer competitions and their representatives have always left the name of our nation on high.
There is talk of brain drain and the abduction of our professional resources by foreign companies after years of investment of large sums of money by the State in the training of professionals, but how to motivate the computer or computer to give their contribution to the country if we find ourselves with such discrimination and contempt of the technical capacity for the development of a system that handles information of maximum security of State as it is the information and identification of each one of its inhabitants.


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