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Hello steemians friends, in today's post I want to mention multiple slogans from the current Venezuelan government over time. These are slogans that have only turned into pure government rhetoric but have not become realities to correct the delicate and insufferable economic and social situations of the citizens of this atrophied nation.


For what has been said, this is a government of mere rhetoric, of empty consignism, of repetitive banning, of pure monserga, of blah blah, of unfulfilled promises:

1.- we will be a power
2.- The world will be surprised with the economic model that my government is building
3.- give me the majority in the Constituent Assembly and I will give them economic prosperity

  1. the fifteen engines will ignite the flame of national progress
    5.- After being re-elected president, the great country that the Bolivarian Revolution will boost will flourish
    6.- We will establish a powerful social security system never seen in the world
    7.- The CLAP is an extraordinary invention, whose efficiency envy the developed countries
    8.-We will overcome oil rentism
    9.-We will re-launch the social missions
    10.- Ecological socialist mining is our alternative to oil rentism

And so: blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah, blah.

While charades go and charades come, the people are hungry and sick. In Miraflores they talk, meet, talk, talk, and eat very well; Outside, in the streets of the country the town suffers all kinds of calamities and abuses caused by this terrible government. The civil servant lives in a world apart, distant from the one that torments the mind, the body and the pockets of the Venezuelans. Here the tragedy mortifies; there the comedy and its list of actors enjoy the work. Tragedy and comedy are the two faces that our country shows to the world. Tragedy in towns and cities of the country, comedy in the exquisite Miraflores, where the revolutionary rojitos fatten up like Christmas pigs.

As we see then, what our country needs, battered by an immense misfortune, is a government capable of executing the actions that lead us out of such a painful situation. A government that corrects the causes of hunger, scarcity, insecurity, diseases, corruption, mega-inflation, the bankruptcy of the national economic apparatus. We need a government that generates wealth, that does and does not promise to do, a government that resolves and not that announces solutions. We need not a linguistic government, but a government of concrete actions. Enough of charades, enough of speeches, enough rhetoric, enough of quackery, enough of consignism. The country needs solutions, not addresses. The country requires a responsible executive, not a government or I did not go, not a government that hides its mistakes and failures.


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