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Hello steemians friends, I deeply believe that our spiritual evil, as a society, is summarized by those Venezuelans who leave and continue to go; that moralistic impulse is our moral average, our ideological scale, the measure of our misfortune as a society: namely, people without references, historical holdings, without classist anchoring; even without a clear sense of the good life, for example, to virvir in a city like Caracas (for those migrants from Caracas or who were born and lived in Caracas), the city with the crestiest climate and the most prodigious city nature in the world, the city best in the world.


Let our migrants die of cold in Ecuador, just to want to fulfill their Odyssey, prefer the passage to a blanket, it is ridiculous and shameful, sad but shameful; that humble themselves to save themselves nobody knows exactly what; to prostitute women and men, to overcome: to excel nobody understands what or what ... I do not understand, I am very old and very obsessive in my pods to understand this volatile culture, mercantile, without history, without memory, without another value that is not a flock, ignorant, uneducated and proud of that, prejudiced, ostentatious and cagón, well you have to lie and lie.

Neighboring migrants who are now in our country do not leave, or do not return to their countries of origin so quickly: Colombians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, etc., including Chileans and Argentines. Why, because many know how terrible it is to live in those countries infected with all the historical evils of exploitation, prejudice, violence.

Countries that did not go through a social war as fierce and national as our federal war, which forced, by the fury of the human dignity of the poor, to soften class differences, to make the oligarchs more decent people in the face of anger that contains the exploitation. To this country, with this people, who sacrificed almost in its totality, to bring closer the hard differences of an almost primitive, colonial society, and that carries, in spite of itself, with the memory of its past, all these brothers arrived. now they do not come back easy to fall back into the hands of their executioners ... and the inclemency of time and nature (I love Caracas !, I can not help it)

The natural thing of a town has had to be to resist and to fight, by a wonderful, graceful and rich country, and of a town forced to its history, when it wakes up. But today, on the verge of being sold to insatiable capitalism, irresponsibly, as unconscious drunks do; sell it for a plate of lentils, Pan pa' today, hunger for tomorrow! ...

On behalf of Venezuela, I ask that we resist, awake! that we learn from scarcity, that it has taught us a lot, but that we reclaim power again, to plan and decide our future with property: the one who left is not needed, the one that will come is needed, and that has to be born from this reality, conscious, awake, brave, another great leader: not in vain we are people of liberators.


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