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Hello steemians friends, if the UN would take a ranking by countries, about how wealth and poverty take distance from each other, Venezuela should be a kind of model. The rich (mostly anti-Chavistas) are intact or with more wealth than they had before the revolution and the poor come in free fall into the territory of extreme poverty.

If the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) decided to model with a chart a type of Human Wealth Accumulation Index (IARH) very similar to the Human Development Index (HDI), we would very likely see a model chart constructed with the Venezuelan reality with three lines; two in a constant elevation and a third, plunging precipitously to the floor.
One of its three lines would appear in red and with the figure of sports shoes of those that costs a box of dollars. This line would represent a new segment of the oligarchic class (boliburguesía), whose starting point could be in 2002/2003 with a resounding rise.

A second thick line with two colors (Green and white) that would show us the rich of yesterday conserving themselves as rich or richer than they were yesterday. A third line, whose color does not have to be black, that would bring together two segments of the population that were very different but that the revolution equaled them downwards and not upwards, which was how I supposed it should have happened.

These three lines would mark the new map of opulence and poverty in Venezuela. This third line will include the poor people who always lived an illusion and have placed all their hope in the bonds. Included in this line, a very large part of the middle class that is impoverished, but live with the milestone of overcoming their condition of poor with the Adecos and Copeyans of today and the help of Colombia.

A middle class that plays to be carried away by their hatred. Bet all your energy to that feeling. They return with their contempt for politics, handing over to politicians who are opponents of the government their causes, but these politicians live in conditions that are nothing different from the conditions in which the so-called bolibuerguesía lives.


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