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Hello steemians friends, politics is persuasion, it's convincing, it's seduction. The policy has to do with the public, which is why it is a matter that concerns everyone. The one who dedicates himself to politics has to consider the interests of the whole, and consequently he has to try to reach each and every one of the constituent sectors of the society where he makes politics. And the way to reach others is with the word. The politician does not reach others with his hands, with his hugs, with his kisses, with the things he gives, but with his word, with his speech, with his verb. It comes to convince, to persuade, to thrill, to seduce. He arrives with seductive arguments, content of the political doctrine in which he militates, and also content of the project of country defended by him.


So that the politician must handle the art of oratory very well, his allegations must be convincing, his word must be elegant, so that he fascinates his interlocutor and encourages him to take a step forward and join his party organization . His word, the main weapon, must then flow easily in any public setting.

It is about convincing not to win, discarding then the use of force or any type of tricks and tricks. Good speeches convince because they are full of solid arguments. They are arguments supported with data with ideas, with theories. They are not fallacious, improvised arguments, full of trumpets and common places. They are rigorous arguments, also supported by the moral quality of its author.


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