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We can ask ourselves without feeling embarrassed for now: Are Venezuelans and Venezuelans producing to generate happiness and well-being for their fellow citizens or to take advantage of and get rich overnight? Why does he do what he does? and for who it is? Are the dollars we receive thanks to oil extraction being converted into knowledge and technology not only for now but to build a country and depending on future generations, our children and grandchildren? Or all these currencies are going to buy everything abroad, to travel around the world and send our children with the dollar we receive from the oil rent and not from the real and effective production that makes us free, independent or autonomous. centers of world power

How many people believe that they deserve more foreign currency because they have their trade and what they do is to resell what they produce in other countries and never invest to produce it in our country? Why is it still encouraging through advertising products that even harm people and the State accepts its consumption in the population? Why do not we promote a culture and way of life for production and less for consumerism in schools, public and private high schools and universities? Why our public institutions are not spaces to create and innovate services and that guarantee with quality and efficiency their duty to be in conformity with the CRBV and the laws?

Why not stimulate productive leadership from the same community dynamics and from the different areas of rights? Each article of the CRBV deserves groups and groups of citizens thinking, reflecting, creating and innovating to make them reach everyone in products and services what Venezuelans deserve thanks to the benefits of nature by giving us bioenergetic resources (rivers and seas, oil, Arable lands, minerals, landscapes, wind and sun of all kinds and it is up to us to transform it for the good and benefit of all, it is about waking up and not complaining about what others are not doing. that we should push this

  1. But it will be done when the State and its institutions (public and private sector) together with its leadership demonstrate a strong will and based on the collective conscience, roots and sense of belonging and identity of ours for us and not for others .

  2. I urge to start the Minister of University and Basic Education, the ministries related to the production of knowledge and technology to join hearts and efforts in this regard and the public and private media to produce a synergy that allows the country to go in this direction. All we need is our will and planned intention. We will achieve this as long as we cultivate that feeling within each one of us by recognizing our own capacities and understanding what we have to overcome for that collective purpose.


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