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Hello steemians friends, the goal of Nicolás Maduro and his delirious dome is clear, stay in power at the expense of whatever; they do not care about anything else: the millions of Venezuelans who suffer from them, we are only a small graph in their equation, a necessary evil: we are here, we breathe, we complain about their incompetence, sometimes, we are a great annoyance for them; but, we are also part of the country, although they strive to ignore us.

The economic measures announced by the government represent a kind of immolation, a suicidal act; when the president of the republic himself has the gall to recognize in national chain, that he had played with the injection of inorganic money to the shattered national economy, it seemed more the work of a deranged, and not a high leader. For the few skeptics left there, there should be no doubt, Maduro is the only one responsible for hyperinflation, the Chinese tale of the economic war is over, they have played with fire, and now, the whole country is paying the consequences.

The image of the Japanese planes of the special unit, crashing against American military objectives in the Second World War, are the perfect analogy of this suicidal madness that has fallen on us like a plague
The government talks about achieving fiscal balance, reducing the deficit to zero; How can a similar goal be achieved? When they announce a salary increase of more than 3000%; In addition, as part of its social control mechanism, they issue a bond of 600 sovereign bolivars (60 million of the strong bolivars), much higher than the previous bond: 90 sovereign bolivars (9 million bolivares fuertes); How to cover such a brutal increase in public spending? If we all know that PDVSA is operating at a minimum of its capacity, and already does not generate income; there is only one possible answer: to flood the national economy with more inorganic money, there is no other possibility, only the magic wand of the BCV can help them.

Maduro announces that he will assume the salary difference of SMEs for 90 days; With the efficiency curriculum that they carry, it is difficult to think that those thousands of workers will be able to receive their income in the short term; And what will happen to them after 90 days? It is impossible for small businesses to stand up without resorting to price re-marking; How to pay for such abrupt increases in salaries and social benefits, in a situation of economic depression? They are sending them directly to bankruptcy, they are terribly exposed, like all of Venezuela.

We can hardly find in political history, a government that separates both the words of the facts; Maduro talks about fiscal balance, and with his ads he creates an infinite black hole.

Nobody in their right mind can think that Nicolás Maduro, and his government are pregnant with good intentions, that they act with the candidness of the pigeons; they know perfectly well that they play against the clock; their measures serve to gain time, they have already become prodigious in these necessities, thus they have dragged us through more than five years, with lethal consequences for Venezuela.


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