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Hello steemians friends, the behavior of the Human Beings, is a topic that has been in the foreground for many Centuries. Which can be inferred that it has been and is, a very complex concept. And, there are many humanistic professionals, who have argued creating huge treaties, in accordance with the complex, introducing factors, which, in many cases, act as variables and in some behaviors are constant, and in other cases, vice versa . Where the most significant effects are: dialogue, dialectic and non-dialogue.

Human beings are gregarious. Therefore, they have to form ethnic groups, using as tools to communicate, achievements, triumphs, sorrows, pains, anguish and others. Where the common elements are the most significant, because by being gifted with them, they feel safe. However, despite having the same origin, there are differences. In the dialoguing communication, individuals develop a horizontal communication, where the results are predicted. Any differences are corrected, just by making the observation.

In many relatively small groups, to correct common differences, identify among the most experienced or those who are recognized, the skills and abilities. With only knowing the appreciations, of those that are considered as leaders, the differences are settled. And in the opposite case, they have scheduled common punishments, for those who violate established norms, as customary customs. Meanwhile, that any disagreements, only that the vestiges, of which it was applied, the same severities as others.

Non-dialogues are presented when there is an individual entity, in which, strength is recognized to sustain a position. And, by bequeathing it an ideological position, it is stored in the subconscious of the receptors and activated by the facts, to achieve subjectivities, as if they were objective. Which can be inferred, a common element addressed as an objective to reach extreme positions, without return.

Most of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples have ethnic heterogeneity. And they are generally composed of groups with a capacity to dialogue and others with a dialectical attitude. However, there is a group of people who, with arrogance, do not accept the role of second person for a long time. Because time is the enemy, when you do not have something safe; since they conspire against financial strength. And these weaknesses are exploited by what they have some other plan that interests them. Therefore, in short, dialogue is a specific concept and dialectic, in extreme position, is a concept in a general sense; because in the World everything is contradictory. And the non-dialogues, are the most won, to generate chaos; because in troubled waters, fishermen's profits.


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