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Hello steemians friends, the technological development has been fundamental to enjoy the benefits that are obtained from the physical objects, from the physical and intellectual efforts of a minority; motivated by different discoveries, inventions and innovations. And by ignoring or ignoring factors, that being distorted by ignorance or curiosity to sublimate characteristics that they have or can have, a high commercial attractiveness, they proceed to develop products, in order to reach building or producing objects for individual satisfactions. And increase the levels of integral development, to exacerbate commercial values and to obtain them, they hide, what they hurt.


To achieve objectives, projects have been developed to build industrial emporiums, depending on commercial possibilities. However, when detecting contaminants and trying to control the effects, they argue; that the costs are superior to the project and the decontamination processes are discarded. And in weighing the commitments made and the possibilities of profit involved, they continue, through the purchase of conscience, to hide information that they compromise. And, clouded by the money they offer for construction; they despise the possibilities that are discovered to them. With consequences, that swarm in all the regions of the World, like a classic of ignorance and of choosing, the way that more moves away to the way of Truth.

There have been many complaints of polluting factors, which generate diseases and damage the environment. And the power, chokes with perks or purchase of conscience and follows the path of an accelerated but ineffective construction, which is widely reflected in the Climate Change. Where there are groups that ignore the damage and cries of the people; for the fear of losing what they are offered. For the unmet needs of foreign exchange, and to maintain advanced positions; tactics and strategies are developed, to be stored in the consciences of the people, as ideal concepts, which, when activated, impulse the psychic will, to ensure what they want.


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