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Hello Friends of the steemians, the night of this 15-S was immense as the Venezuelan plain. I waited anxiously at dawn to go to the corrals and see my animals. Herman Escarrá with the content of a statement offered to the news agency, I chased away the dream and there was no way to grab it.


I suppose, that is what I naturally do, that when you are an actor in a project and you ask us to talk about that project, you do not lose the opportunity and settle into the most important or sublime ones.

If you talk about him with friends, you get excited and the words get tangled up in those basic points. If you do it in front of a news agency, the emotion is managed and you take care of the smallest details, making sure to put the words in the points that allow you to sell the ideas or benefits of the project in question.

We go that Hermann Escarrá, communicates through the news agency, that the new constitution has two important facts. One of those points that Escarra highlights in the interview, we see that the new constitution will be more severe to punish those who commit the crime of treason. I breathed deeply, that is, I took a bag of pure air from Guanipa's table, kept it for a long time in my lungs and asked myself very naively: What treason to the country? What treachery are we talking about? Treason is treason or there is no good betrayal and bad betrayal.

Already with that jet of pure air and smell of cow dung in my lungs and giving oxygen to my head, I recognized that the crime of treason to the homeland deserves severe punishment, what I was hard to understand is, how transcendent is this crime , with respect to others, whose consequences could be more disastrous than betraying the country and that question that pierced my head, which crime. To ask for external military intervention in the country? And the crime of treason against the fatherland and the revolution that the ANC approved with the Law of Promotion and Protection of Foreign Investment? And the Special Economic Zones?

I left the subject until this point and I went for a more trivial vainita and I asked myself:
Does it have more significance for national life, existing holidays and decrees than the crime of treason? Does it have more significance for the life of the nation, be a country of buyers and sellers than a country of producers? Can we continue with this laziness that we drag historically?

I would have jumped on one leg, if instead of reading what I read, I would have read a worse bullshit, that told me, that in the new constitutional text would be placed a chapter to severely punish laziness and lack of interest in work productive and that desire to buy and sell, which is what has finished us.

I would jump on one leg, if Hermann Escarra in a next statement tells us that that chapter where laziness would be severely punished and the lack of interest in productive work, would place a couple of items to eliminate all holidays and give only half day on December 31.


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