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Hello steemians friends, it is totally illogical to think that the idea of a human being can be accepted and supported by the totality of a collective, no matter how big or small it may be. The replies, counterpositions, the debate of the positions themselves, is extremely important for the development of the intelligentsia and ideology, either to correct ours or to strengthen it and demonstrate the need for correction in the neighbor.

In this case, the situation is the last one expressed.

I explain

Dear, the complaint has always been criticized without evidence, I myself am against this action without grounds, and it is for this same reason why I do not allow myself to sketch any kind of idea or opinion regarding an event without having at least the minimum information required for this.

My purpose is not to create a show or a scene with this, it is simply to call for reflection, both you and anyone who at any time may be prone to fall into this kind of ridiculous public where it is shown that is spoken from the viscera and not from the intellect, the mind or the brain (as you would like to complete the expression).

When one wants to say, to denounce, debate or replicate a fact, idea or opinion, it does not require an enormously rich and enriched lexicon. It becomes clear and scratch, with that enough and enough. This leaves no doubt to anyone of what has been said. Of course, if one gives evidence, they respond with evidence.

I'm not going to come to magnify at the end of the word with some words (for many) unknown, even for me, I admit. If you want to be at my height (I clarify that I do not believe more than anyone, I say it based on the previous sentence), give me proofs as I put them (and I invited you to read, I insist) to you.

I am not a proud or arrogant person, on the contrary I consider myself a humble and simple person. If I have to retract because my information is false or not supported, I do it. But for this, I demand first that I not be attacked with the practice so usual in ALL the politicians of this country (of the I, II, III, IV and V Republic). And for that reason I always ask that the evidence be shown, so that visceral individuals do not come to deny from the language and not from the test.

Let's talk with the brain and not with the viscera.


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