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Hello steemians friends, how easy it is to be revolutionary with the money of others. It seems that being left today is very profitable. Many of those who disqualify those who oppose this government as agent of the CIA or fifth column do not write a single argument to refute, what they do is disqualify, limited to the adhominen fallacy, to attack the issuer of a comment rather than the content in yes ... Regardless of whether it is true or not, I do not defend indefensible leaders of the left.

Venezuelan politics has become pure demagogy, both the right and the self-called left act in the same way; By applying the law of the hen house, what is above is what is done by shitting the one below.
It is really regrettable to see our people in humiliating queues under the inclement sun to buy subsidized products? that they do not hurt the pain of these men and women in these aberrant ranks, less will the children of the country care about them.

In no philosophy of the progressive left does poverty or misery appear as a virtue. In economic terms, the difference between left and right is in the way of achieving wealth and the way to distribute it. With a greater and better distribution of wealth there is a smaller difference between the richest and the poorest. This has to be a result, not a populist goal.
The arms races are never cheap. When more is spent than what is produced, decadence comes. That's why the USSR collapsed.

It is not bad to have resources, but the bad thing is not to manage them in a balanced way. That other citizens have opportunities and live a dignified life. We will not all be matched by a scissors, but the just distribution is the basic theme of a humanist socialism like that of the countries of northern Europe.
To be revolutionary is not to steal what belongs to others, without having to work, to stop widespread corruption: that is the pernicious evil of the Bolivarian revolution!


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