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Hello steemians friends, in these moments when the world observes with horror the genocide against the Palestinian people, the inhabitants of this planet do not expect more than an immediate action of the multilateral organisms, the international community keeps a shameful silence.


Many governments limit themselves to giving empty and vacillating statements, the UN is limited to hypocritical diplomacy, and the people of the world ask themselves: how long is the rubbish diplomacy? The Congress of the United States has just approved a budget for more shipments. of arms to Israel, the Zionist lobby moves its tentacles and exerts pressure to achieve its macabre ends, the Arab League has not yet pronounced. for those of us who are investigating, we know that the ends of Israel go beyond a seizure of the Palestinian territory, it is a more ambitious and more macabre end on the part of the Zionists, as I said in a previous article and being insistent we do not expect the European Union nor the UN and much less the empire move a finger to stop this barbarism, the task is the people of the world beyond some of their governments, which are afraid to act out of fear of the powerful Jewish lobby, fortunately if this phrase fits, the peoples of the world are reacting, the technology and this ERA of communications have played against them, they can no longer act with impunity, channels like CNN and FOX News, these garbage chains can not hide the massacre against the Palestinian people, and each one of us can be a reporter to take a picture with your mobile and send it instantly to social networks, thanks to this and not to the big chains that play the game. Zionist tereses.

The people need clarity and be front in these situations and leave aside the useless and inoperative diplomacy, it is necessary to act quickly and be concrete in condemning all these facts, otherwise we will be in the presence of a new holocaust who was once a victim of the NAZIS and today becomes executioner of the suffering Palestinian people, enough of the rubbish DIPLOMACY and ACT ONCE ...


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