The new world of fashions and appearances.

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Nowadays, most people do not dare to live, to be constructures of themselves but they are lived by others: customs, propaganda, fashions or what they will say.
Learning is not merely learning new things, but fundamentally learning to live taking positive and negative experiences and knowing how to act before them, in the course of the way of life, wisdom is acquired, which implies a radical process of one's own construction and permanent originality.
The transformation of a person who no longer cares to follow fashions and follow the principles of their originality, it is not appearances that count but the facts, we treat others according to their appearance, we despise and we distance ourselves from the poor or from who just do not look good, we need an education that teaches us to see reality, beyond appearances.
Maybe the news takes us to live a movie, we live life as a performance, but learning to be original and leaving the script, to value people for what they are and not for what they have is the challenge in the new world of the fashions, where who has more than to show off is the protagonist.