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First, let me start by saying that, there is nothing wrong with self upvoting your post. Nothing wrong in self love. In fact, you can only love others very well if you love yourself first. So if you feel the need to self upvote your post, there is nothing wrong with that.

-Before, I used to upvote my post very well, but lately, I have stopped upvoting my own posts. The reason is because my voting power value at 100% is just 0.004 cents and so, no matter the number post I make and upvote them, it will not yield any significant reward for him.

Besides, there are good steemians supporting my posts with upvote and I feel that the rewards from the upvotes are significant enough for me, so instead of still upvoting my posts with my tiny upvotes, I will rather use it to support more steemians.

Thank you.


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Good rationale.

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