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What is your philosophy and school of thought about how to make money?

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I think there are two main philosophies and school of thought people have about how to make money in life.

Some people are of the philosophy and school of thought that, you make money by allowing the money to come to you and not you going after the money. They believe that money will come to you when you provide a service or create something of value that people want, because they will patronise your products.

I believe this is true because for example people who created things like phones, airplanes and so on, basically any social services you can think off, don't go after money but money comes after them because people patronise their products.

The second philosophy and school of thought are people who believe that to make money, you have to go after the money because the money won't come to you. They believe that you have to go out and hustle for money by looking for a job and so on. This people are the once that depend more on someone or the government to give them a job, instead of creating a job for themselves.

So am curious to know, from the above two philosophies and school of thought about how to make money in life, which one do you choose? Or do you have a totally different view of how to make money Other than the above?

For me I choose both philosophies and school of thoughts, because I think that not everybody can create and innovate something of value for people and so people must seek other ways of making money.


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I think everyone would prefer to be in the first category. Being able to create something yourself, live your passion and be your own boss is always the dream.

Unfortunately the reality is that in order to get to a point where you can do that, you need to do the hustle, the job that you hate,etc. Reality tends to intrude on dreams very easily and in meaningful ways.

You might only have to support yourself and can therefore think only of yourself. If you are willing to sacrifice everything for your dream, whats the harm? But once you have others depending on you, spouse, young children, elderly parents, etc your priorities MUST change. You do what you need to, no matter how much you hate the daily grind, you have others DEPENDING on you, possibly with their lives.

How many people start out in life with grandiose dreams, go to school to be educated in a certain career or discipline and end up working in something completely different? I'd be willing to bet 60% or more. Certainly not by choice does that happen. Circumstances dictate choice at all time. You ALWAYS have a choice, but some are less problematic than others shall we say.

Do I stick to my dreams and hope I make it and become the 1% of the 1% that invents something incredible and makes a fortune? Or do I play it safe, take the 9 to 5 job and feed my family and put a roof over their heads?

Philosophy is great for debates, but reality tends to intrude.

I think thats why most of us are in crypto however. Its one way of keeping the dream alive while we slave away at jobs we hate in order to play it safe and provide for our families, our loved ones, our churches, our charities or whatever we hold important enough to do the daily grind.

Consider this as well: If everyone chased their dreams, who would be left to provide for society? If all the farmers went off to become poets, writers, painters, etc. how would we feed ourselves? If all the construction workers became philosophers who would provide shelter for the masses? If all the doctors/nurses and scientists took up interpretive dance, how would we live long lives or advance technologically?

While the world needs the dreamers and go-getters and inventors it always REQUIRES those of us willing to forgo our dreams out of love, compassion, and necessity


You are very correct @ancientknowled3. In think you should write a post about this to share with the community so people can learn.


It’s funny because in my community so many people who believe in the hustle are actually entrepreneurs. But they feel they have to hustle because honestly they aren’t bringing anything unique. There only success does come from out hustling their competition. I could never have done that. Too stressful.

For me it has been an entrepreneurial life that abides by the law of attraction. That means I prioritized getting into the feeling of profit, abundance and thriving, then planned the business activity from that inspiration. Also took action from that inspiration. That combo worked well for me.

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Wow!!! @indigooccean, brilliant strategy you had. Am already seeing how I can tap into your strategy.

Thanks for your contribution. @yaanivapeji.

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Well. Both is worth it for me. I started to think more about money for saving up to some point.
And that meant I got more than I though xD

So both. I love the hustle :D


Thanks for your contribution @cwow2. Both philosophies works for me too.

They are absolutely right. Money comes to you when you give something or provide a service. I have tried it myself many times and worked out all the time :)


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