Welcome back steemit.

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This is by the longest time steemit has been down as far as I know.

The hardfork 20 that caused steemit to be down for a longtime was just as long as a day, but this one took up to two days. Wow!!!!

But though I was not panicked because I knew that the steemit teem will get it solved.

I don't know much about cryptocurrency, the blockchain, but I sense that this system needs a lot of technicalities to run it well, so I have learnt to be patient with them when problems like this happen.

But steemit seems to be back now. So welcome back steemit.



Yes tough time for steem user. Great job by team steemit to overcome the issue. Welcome back @yaanivapeji

Yes, welcome back to all of us @kamchore. Really tough times for steem users.

I guess you use only steemit as your only front end to the blockchain.

No @lemmybe. I use busy to post, but I use steemit to interact.

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