What Do You Know About Lisk?

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They are ranked at 39th on CoinMarketCap, with a Market Cap of $242,838,907 USD, and they are currently trading at $2.07 with a volume of $6,093,612 USD

A quick look at their Website says they are a blockchain project for building apps. That's all the research I did.

I don't know who their founders are/were, I don't know about their inflation and I have no idea if it is a current and active project.

Why am I talking about them?

I've never reject LISK as being a bad investment, I've never considered buying Lisk, because I never hear about them at all.

I don't know anything about them, but at a MarketCap level they are doing better than Steem which is listed at 63 on coinmarketcap , with a 125,797,810 USD Market Cap trading at .39 USD and a volume of $2,791,969 USD


Maybe no one is rejecting us, maybe no one has heard of us recently... has no idea what we have going on and no idea whether or not Steem would be a good investment.

This post was inspired when Lisk came up in a chat conversation and I knew I had heard the name, but didn't have a clue what they do. Maybe no one knows what we do either.

Just a thought.



I think building a marketing team and allocating funding for them to get more visibility to STEEM is the only way to bring us up there again!


The difference between Lisk & Steem is: 170,000 Followers on Twitter.

Steem never focussed on twitter, telegram groups which now, both, have a very big impact.

I saw that we have about 50 tweets an hour, thanks to NathanMars and LISK has 330;

That’s the main difference.
Steem is invisible.

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Steem is a medium of its own ....

that's why is invisible...

totally invisible.

The idea was to create a smart contract platform where Javascript could be used instead of Solidity, which is the language developed specifically for writing smart contracts on Ethereum. The problem with Solidity is that few people are well-versed in it whereas Javascript skills are very commonplace. Lisk features side chain building tools that are meant to make it easy to build a custom side chain. The LISK currency runs on the main chain, which can be used for an ICO to raise money for your project. That's all I know about Lisk.

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Right, except that Lisk doesn't use Smart Contracts. The entire SDK and all components are written in JS, but there is no actual on-chain code execution.

The consensus mechanism is DPoS and they've been focusing on scalability, though they've been lagging behind with actually releasing their SDK. A lot of projects who originally wanted to build on Lisk have stopped and moved on to other chains.

I used to be a fan of Lisk, they're working out of Berlin, so I know a bunch of people there.

In any case, it's hard to compare the two in terms of market cap. Dapp platform coins, especially with smart contracts, have mostly been a bet on the future. Look Cardano. So on paper we're in quite a good position with Steem. But marketing plays a big role to the price and strong and visible leaders have been making all the difference projecting future success.

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My point was WE NEVER hear about them. and no one hears about us either.

Steem should be marketed. No one knows about Steem-Engine and all it can already do. No one knows about @oracle-d or any other app. All the ignorance and trash talk does have a silver lining which is that I have time to stack up more STEEM while facing less competition. But that's really a sad situation.

Developers in the blockchain space aren't a huge crowd. They are the people Steem should be marketed to. The next level is the general crypto set and journalists in particular.

Lisk was one of those first pos coins for people who were marginalized by the mining game or that was my personal experience i found it because u knew mining wasn’t profitable for the little guy and I was looking for something to stake which is how I got to learn about it! Pretty active community at the time I did research in 2017!

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Cool, like us they don't seem to market

ivanontech video today said steem failed due to bots :)

i'm personally not ready to promote steem to anyone until the insides are fixed first. If all works out according to plan we might not have to then.

For me it isn't the bots or the lack of bots it is the lack of a vision, a clear direction and confidence.

Here we are three years in, with our stakeholders not clear on what we do and why.

I can't promote steem as a content site, nor a place to build businesses because we don't know what it will be next week.

As a [ very small ] investor in Lisk, here is what I can offer to this discussion:

  • The cool thing Lisk was offering was SideChains & JavaScript-powered dapps
  • Lisk started off real strong, community wise, with a very active subreddit filled with hype
  • Then, development slowed a bit, and the community got bored / lost interest
  • Some of the community is still active, but not nearly as much hype as before
  • Personally, I still believe in the team, I think they do good work, it just takes a while

With all that being said, I can see a lot of parallels between Steem & Lisk. Easy dapp-development, fast transactions, and a currently disgruntled community lol :^)

In the end, we gotta be patient. In crypto, the money may be fast, but the development is often slow.

It's the fast that eat the slow.

Depends which metaphor you wanna tell.

"Fast eat the slow" or "Turtle beats the hare".

But these are just sayings, I think history shows us better pictures.

  • Bitcoin = 10 years until proper recognition
  • Ethereum = 4 years to date, still has major problems they're working on
  • Twitter = 4-5 years before true adoption / people started caring
  • Youtube... Is it even profitable yet? Plus, tons of creators are upset now more than ever

The online space, as a whole, is very volatile right now. People on every platform are unhappy, progress across tons of areas are slow, and enjoyment is stalling. This is a natural cycle, I believe. To put into money-terms, as a lot of people on here like to talk about, imagine that the entire internet space is going through a bear-market.
It'll bounce back, projects will flourish, but it'll take time.

I understand the worry, though! I have it myself as well sometimes. I think recently, however, I've chosen to go with my gut and just trust that things will resolve. I'm excited to see how things will grow from here, but to be honest I believe in Steem :^)

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Was asking around the same questions the last two days^^

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Well, the main point is, if you don't tell people what you do, no one knows what you do.

As we learn from consumer goods, brands make up a large amount of value for companies that are able to effectively market themselves.

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I never heard of them either and I think no one heard of us. Most people focus on the top20 I think. There are so many projects. It's overwhelming sometimes.

Yeah, and it is hard to tell what is active.

We should thank Dan for saying our name, at least someone is saying it.

Not too long ago I think I saw someone calling it a shit coin. One of those projects with alot of hype just like ark and dragon-chain in early 2018. Speculative thing, never complitely realized.

yeah, well they might be great for all I know, but we don't know, because we don't hear about them

I should correct my self. With unrealized potential I meant it as one of those coins that were supposedly going to deliver some very great things, but they were unable to deliver the tech for it.

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