The Price is Low.. What should you do?

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The price was 7 cents, and I just kept posting.

Dan and Ned were fighting, the community was toxic, the community blamed SteemIt, Inc, and Witnesses said the minnows were "Draining the Rewards".

I just kept posting.

Dan quit in a manner that triggered me so hard, I am barely over it now. (Corporate Culture, I hated how he treated his investors) I am pretty much over it at this point, but at the time it was upsetting.

I just kept posting.

Many of my posts in the early days didn't earn enough to receive a payout, I got mad and yelled at the whales.

I just kept posting.

Earning Steem was painfully slow, and dealing with the community felt hard at times. I made some friends and some enemies.

I just kept posting.

Sometimes I took dumb positions on community topics, and I made people mad. Sometimes I embarrassed myself.

I just kept posting.

The reward pool was broken during a hardfork, many protested or left for a while.

I just kept posting.

The price went up after Dan left, there were mixed feelings and lots of debates.

I just kept posting.

At some point, I hit 1000 SP

I just kept posting.

At some point, I hit 10,000 SP

I just kept posting

Recently I passed 15,000 Steem

It adds up faster now

I just keep posting.

What will you do?



Yeah yeah I also keep posting! One day it will make me free!


I'm going to keep posting too.

I sure as hell wouldn't buy any cryptos this week, and I feel a bit stomped on, but I will post some more shit.

Wait for it to bottom out and buy. lol

Hi @whatsup
I also joined in August 2016, and kept on posting and is still posting and will keep on posting, I am not past 15000 SP yet but at 14300 SP, I am not far away. I also never used bidbots and never invested my own money, only writing posts and curating. The best thing is when people stop writing the cake is bigger for the ones that keep on posting!! When the price rise again the steem we make at low prices become worth a lot - keep on posting!!

Wow - you are so close! :) I invested a some too, but for the most part, I just posted and commented and posted.

Keep on going!!

You said it!! We keep on posting!

I'm going back to Facebook to donate my time to Zuckie and his pals! LOL


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Still here. I still enjoy reading what others post (for the most part). I am glad that this community is here. When the HF had issues and I couldn't post, I missed it. Steemit is making me a better writer and researcher. I am here for the long haul. :-)

I just keep posting!👏🏻 😄 Fantastic! 👌🏻

I Think I'm Going to Just KEEP POSTING @whatsup.......Seems like the Right Thing to Do...............

Yes try it one more time

or keep commenting...?

IMO I think that's as effective as posting

I only recently got started here and will keep posting !

Dude, engage with people as much as possible else they won't see you.

Yeah I am trying to be more active by commenting on threads that interest me, Any other tips ?

I was thinking about this last night... Post once a day, answer any comments you get, comment and vote for some others, Network by joining some discord groups, just be active and make sure as many people as possible see you

Steemit's Voice Of Reason speaks again!

Just Keep Posting

Be A Hodler Not A Fodler

^^ This Post and also Hodl


Thanks for the pep talk @whatsup think we all needed that!! Keep posting!

You can Do it.gif

i keep posting like you do...

In Nigeria, we would say, 'NO TIME TO WASTE TIME'


Nwanne, ego dimkpa

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I enjoyed your post. I'm gonna keep posting too. I don't have time to cry about it. Sure, it's shit how things are now, but if we sit around doing nothing, well, that's kinda shit too, you know?
Besides, I've gotten so used to posting...seems wrong to stop just because the rewards are down a bit.

I'll keep posting and I'm buying more Steem and powering up. If I feel frustrated with the market, I can get some steps with @actifit
This bear market hasn't bothered me at all yet, I remember the dotcom bubble bursting and that was horrible, as I had far too much invested. Now I'm getting in slowly, still anoyed that I didn't take crypto seriously earlier but I can't change that and it keeps me motivated now.

I'll keep posting. For sure.

I knew you would! :)

Ima go with “just keep posting” for 500 lol

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Oh, I've thought about you... Hang in there, your new stake will earn you enough to make the difference. :)

I will too keep posting

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I will take a different route. Now even though many of you said "I just keep posting", for me I........ sorry, I just keep posting! haha

Oh yeah...... I'm going to post till I have blisters on my blisters!!!!!!

I will stay and publish

Ok so you meant to say... we should just keep posting? Ok 😁

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i believe the bull market will come soon

I am just keeping on hunting on @steemhunt :) Every day I see new products, find new innovations, and earn a dollar or few cents. And I will keep doing that, because I love to know about new products / innovations. In that process, I am also evaluating some products, that will help me start my own business as well.

I plan to post more, those people who don't post when steem is low baffle me, its easier to make steem now than it was when steem was 5 dollars.

Not entirely their fault. They don't understand it. It's hard to post when you see steemit to be some kind of Fiver or Upwork. A lot of them do.

Yeah I don't need to take any money out I don't look it like a job, more like an investment

What about curling down into a fetal position and cry @whatsup?

That's for the weekend. In the meantime. ..

Keep on keeping on

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I'm considering investing my time in Instagram maybe

I'm not interested in posting about every insignificant thing that happens in life. It has to be important enough to be worth my time. I'm not some noob desperately trying to make it in the tech field, but have established myself a long time ago. Enjoying being semi-retired.

Keep steeming on !!!!

I should post more often..

I know how it feels ... Beginning is always difficult, and I've felt the same here, But as long as you try everyday, then everything is possible and you will reach in any case beyond what you at the beginning were.

I make photography same way ... TRY every day and not stop ... try even if you know you will not get pictures for a week... but by the end of the second week you are happy because you were right ... that you must always have to try.


...i just keep posting!

Awesome encouragement for us that keep posting and engaging with the community. From these challenging times surely cones great opportunities to earn more Steem given the prices and the payout structure as well as the limited amount of activity which leaves more of the piece of the pie for those who do post.

Hello @whatsup, nice to meet you again. You joined this platform in 2016. And I haven't joined at that time. of course I don't know what to do. but I can conclude about your feelings when you just joined. feeling angry when you don't get curation when you join, this is common. I also experience that sometimes. but from your journey when you first join until this moment, you are someone who has an optimistic attitude, and is far from being pessimistic. I say this because it is not easy through the process that you did until this moment. you are someone who is truly extraordinary

I joined in 2018 precisely at the end of March. the first time I joined, within 3 weeks I got 8 and I sold. at that time the price of SBD and Steem was still high. so that I can get around 50 dollars. this makes me very happy. after selling it, it dropped very fast. and I don't sell it again until this moment.

and in 2018, what I will do is remain optimistic. even though the price of steem and sbd is very low, I will keep trying. I really want to be like you.

Never give up. I have posted every day so far. Not good but I am trying.

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I find your process very interesting, but you never mentioned if you kept posting, or not...

Keep going with your informative post brother.

Lmao!😂sure thing bro

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With money if I could I'd buy more steem

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i say keep posting and up voting the bull market will come soon i believe just like sunset and sunrise this time sunrise of cryptocurrency keep cool.