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RE: What's Your Favorite Climate Change Study?

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How many scientists are there.. (I just stole that line)

Sounds like we are in for a wet ride.

Greta is a child, she isn't even educated yet. It's hilarious.Not sad, not guilt provoking, not thought provoking.

Also, if there is agreement and yes, I think there is some... is there agreement on the solution?



The consensus on Cause is settled.
That's the neat thing about fact... you don't have to agree with it, for it to be true. - I stole that line!
Tens of thousands of scientists
Dozens of Countries
Dozens of major scientific organizations
The consensus on the cause is settled.

The range of solutions are from, it's too late, to stop using oil, to cut back, to switch to solar, nuclear, wind, and hydro.

Is there consensus on a solution?> not as long as Big Oil and Gas money keeps pouring in to US Policy.

The irony is, China,m which used to be the biggest stumbling block, is on board. The US, which was a leader, and a global architect of Solar Power, is now out of the top 10 producers, and manufacturers. We lost the lead, and now, we're buying Chinese made product, since the man in office has slapped huge taxes on US companies making solar AND cut taxes on Oil and Gas.

As for Greta's age? Doesn't matter. The message is right on.
We're ignoring the future.

I see it personally in the shore lines, marshes and fields where I shoot my photos.
I see the migrating species patterns changed, because of how the warming of oceans has affected marine life. Same with how the climate has changed the patterns of the birds, and plants.

A non-scientific emotional temper tantrum is right?
lol.. How dare you Bluefin! How dare you.

Totally kidding, I got over it. I'm not voting for any carbon tax deals until there is some science to support it

And that's a fact. :) (no tone here)

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