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Hello Milkers and Other Steemians!

It's time to stop burning and chasing potatoes and get back to having fun, engagement and posting.

More people posting, engaging and being active is what it is good for Steem. It creates diversity, fun distribution and engagement and traffic.

Some will call it Milking so I'll just call it that first.

Yes, Steem is about end-users and engagement and the best thing we can do to encourage growth in the community is to support engagement, casual posting and end-user activity.

For one week join the Milk Challenge. Make a post a day, comment on 10 posts that aren't yours each day. That's it.

We tried watching all the whales insist they are manually curating and we see nearly an entire trending page of burn posts, potato posts and the same users that are talking about "Milking"... It's enough. They of course are welcome to use their stake to support whatever they like, but in response I am promoting activity, fun, and engagement.

When a developer builds a new app it is the community that supports it.
Almost all social media sites are measured by activity, traffic and number of users.
The best use of inflation is distribution and support of end-users.

If the bull market comes back Steem will move with it, we have already seen that take place.

Our DPOS system is a distribution model. Each user can use their stake to reward what they think is best for the platform. The end-users of Steem are important to me and I would even say with more activity we are likely to see higher quality posts and new users joining.

Blockchains that run on POW (Proof of Work) also have miners and sell pressure and the current stakeholders do not decide who gets it. :)

Remember if you want engagement... also give engagement.

1 post and 10 comments on other people's content.

Get out there and milk!

Let us know you are participating by using the #milkandtators tag



A very fine Idea, I wish I could post once a day, but after two and a half years I know it just is not in me. I think I have one steemboard badge for one post a day for a week, but I would be surprised if it is more than that.

For any newer users, that have less than 1000SP might I suggest you make your first post a Movie/Film review post, and enter into @namiks 1000SP Longtterm delegation contest. I dislike dropping links on peoples pages, but I have resteemed it so it is easy for you to find. 5 days left, 3 1000 SP delegations up for grabs, and only 4 entries.

The 10 comments a day part, can be simple or can be hard, it does take time to make the comments, and it means reading the persons post not just voting on it, but as a comment dropper myself, I find the comments sections to be quite entertaining so anything that encourages more comments is a great thing.

Commenting, engagement fun!

ha ha, this is amazing

oh, my god, I remember seeing this video more than 10 years ago. That was really a good parody to matrix. lol

Bull run? Are we milking cows or bulls? A bull would produce some interesting milk. ;D

10 per day?!?! Jeez, what will it be next? That I have to start reading what I vote on as well?

hey, shhh, don't give people any crazy ideas.

hahha they already get an idea :D

Wait... You don't read what you vote on? 😦😦

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Once I counted all my comments written in steem and devided that on the days I spent in steem and I found the magic number 20.

Wait, we're suppose to read???

I will be lurking the #milkandtators tag to spread the milk far and wide.

I do post daily, try to leave between between 5-10 comments :)

Well Dan, hats off! You're one of the few who actually *"walks their talk" around here...

not sure that i will count my comments but let the #milkandtators start.

yeah 10ish is good enough

Additional vote #.... oops forgot

Awesome initiative man. Certainly, it seemed as though the fun part of Steem was cut off. Let's Milk!

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It will be nice if someone creates a little tool where those comments will be counted. ☺

What about self-milking? Asking for a friend...

If you don't vote for yourself why the fk should i? :)

prefer authors to vote on their own stuff, but with conditions - as long as it's after me

Lol. "... Asking for a friend"

I see what you did there.

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giphy 1.gif

I miss the old rivalry between Kurt Angle and Steve Austin. hilarious.

Its you stake. Do what you want.

Just dont complain later...

I always self upvote once a day. Never more than once. It's up to you

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Well, I might just get back into it... much like you, I've been on the "stop moaning and keep creating" bandwagon for a really long time. But I tend to me more of a "3 posts one day and then none and then two" sort of person... so maybe I could develop the habit of regular milking...

It seems as if I'm doing that already :)


Well good for you! :)

The cow!! I love it!!
Gahhhh! Could have made a couple of comments instead of starring at it 🙃

Actually won’t be too hard
I do work on one post a day
And am not counting the comments but do manage a decent number 😉
Though lately I don’t beat myself up too much if I can’t manage...

And I am all in with making this fun .... it has to be
Or it is a very sad social media platform haha

I am so long winded 🤦🏽‍♀️
Nutshell: Yes I am in for 1 post 10 comments a day

Sounds like a plan :)


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!ENGAGE 50 Milkers

Time to get milking...


Great initiative! I hate those potato and burn posts. Let's bring back casual posting to Steem!

Get off your horse and drink your milk.
John Wayne

(Disclaimer: He never said that.)

So let's get going with the milking!

Coffee with no “milk” of course 😹


Both milk and coffee are delicious.

Almond milk ☺️😋


This kitty likes milk and your post

Super cute cat

what kinda milk you like?

All Milk is good!

I'm lucky to write ten comments a month, ten comments a day might break something. Maybe I will need to work my way up to that a bit gradually. !trdo

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Give the comments, give the comments!

Hhahahha! Full support to this initiative!!! Happy you are back again with new energy. Let's engage!

I'm an specialists, you will see

Here's to milking. I'm on board!!! Waking up early to milk some almonds!

Milk it baby

Lol that caw .... makes me deasy ;)

The cow is cool!

Trying to kick a post out each day- 7 in a row is tough but I'll give it a go for some #milkandtators

@abh12345 its not impossible too. I guess i made 3 posts a day in last couple of days. But seems milking came bit late to me

Good going. I dunno, I find it hard to fit one in each evening - too tired :)


Juat utilising some spare time to put effort on steem.....not much into engagement league mostly spend time in making content #milkandtators

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haha, I'm out of the habit too! I'm hoping we can move some stats...

I've always tried to keep the frequency at at least 1 post per day....though its declined lately, I'd do better to get it up again.

yep, might as well engage.

I can't take lactose, can I have some soy milk?

watching all the whales insist they are manually curating.

Yeah, right?

Well. Here's my first comment.
Post coming in in the evening.

Nice! Thanks for participating

Hey @whatsup seems i am already on the roll with 3 or more posts a day with marginal upvotes. Now hope to continue with this new idea. #milkandtators

Spot on my friend. Steem will actually start to grow only when we cut the bullshit of "investors needed", "burn to create value", "useless effort to make the sbd peg work" "curate quality content", and embrace it as it is: a social platform. (With a blockchain that allow us to create other cools stuff).

So yeah, lets milk!

Do it! Milk should always include engagement, which you are totally doing! So, milk it

Too lazy and indifferent to do 10 comments. Maybe 5.since i read a couple of posts each day i might as well comment. (Where is a bot when you need one,)

Okay well 5 is okay

Sounds like fun and I already do it (almost daily) check it out.
By the way, you misspelled #milkandtators in your tags ;)

Here's milk in your eye

haha, thanks and good for you

A great challenge! Steemit it's also fun and engagement! Let's start!

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Get it done

one post and 10 comments a day WTF!

might miss the post bit and give more of these :) ;( :0 :() ;P ;p..... out

Well every little bit helps!

Great initiative! After all, it's not just about the money.

Let's have some fun here!

Hahahaha. @whatsup. I am already in, milking 🥛 cool initiative again.

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I can try it. I'll see how much I can endure.
Daily activity reports are not counted. Or yes?

just do it! I'm not going to make you prove it.

All we can hope for is a little bit off bull's milk at this point..... ewwww 😨😳😱

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The 4:20 crowd will be doing the hemp milking?

Milk, taters and weed?

Impossible to upvote this without commenting :)

Yes to #milkandtators. I comment on at least 5 a day, 20 on a good day. Been doing it forever. And then the echo echo echo on my posts - lol. Sometimes I despair. But mostly I just keep tap tap tapping away - gotta be the change you want to see in the steemworld, right?

I do try to post once a day apart from the ACTIFIT report, commenting is another thing I don't think I comment more than twice a day I will try to increase this maybe not to ten but more than now. And yes this is a much better idea than what all the whales and their friends have come up with, even if it doesn't help Steem get out of its slump, it should make Steem more entertaining.

I love this, great idea @whatsup,
I have so much going on right now and it's hard for me to keep up with engagement lately. I don't know if I will succeed, but I guess it wouldn't hurt try.
As it stands, I think I spend about 90% of my existence pondering whether or not the next thing I say to someone will be the next worst mistake of my life.

Haha, say it anyway. They get over it.

I love the commenting competitions but when I did the beast at whaleshares it was too much and I burned out afterwards. What was it 50 comments a day? Ahh it was nuts. But 10 a day is reasonable. I suggest we comment on 50% more posts than we would ideally receive comments on our own posts. So if I hope to get 10 comments on my posts I’ll comment on 15 posts. Obviously it doesn’t always work like this and not everything is reciprocal but if we can engage more there is more engagement to go around !

I got out of the Steem habit for a while and took on some other things, so keeping up with a decent but casual post and 10 comments as well as engaging on my own posts is about as good as I can commit too.

I agree it is important not to burn out.

I'm in. Thanks for this Challenge, @whatsup. Even though I was away for awhile, Manual Curating and Manual Posting is my Passion. It drew me to Steem to begin with. It's what will keep me here to be
honest :)

I took a break too. I wanted to see the impact of the manual curation whales. I've seen it, it's pretty unimpressive.

This....On so many levels this!

Get back to the people, the way it should be!!!

Tomorrow I start, thanks to read this I encourage you to put content!! #milkandtators

I'll give it a go. This is comment number 1 :)

Damn, I really thought this will have to do something with milk, and was ready to do it - cause milk is awesome! :)
Anyways, not sure about 10 comments a day, but will try to follow 10 days of posting. :)

I love it when this happens. @ph1102 made reference to searching milk challenge on twitter. So I did and found you and this post. Afterwards I thought I should go back and follow you. And I already was. Lol

10 comments. Can be done. About number five for me so far today.


What an interesting challenge! ^_^

hmmm sounds delicious, got to get some milf, I mean milk :P

What a cute cat!

Does commenting here on your post count as one or more @whatsup??? Disregard this question if you already answered it from someone else in a comment that I missed or miss-read, or you mentioned it in your post, and I missed that...or both :>)

I think I'm I making any sense????

commenting anywhere that isn't your own post counts!

Awwwww….shucks…. I like commenting on my own posts and commenting to myself...They're always the most loving and up-lifting!!!! With the exception of a few from my most loyal and intelligent followers :>)

Anyway...I re-steemed this post to help get the challenge possibly more traction. Maybe I'll include the @milkandtators initiative and tag in my next post as well...??? Maybe I'll just demand that all my followers at least try to post one post a day for the next seven days and comment at least ten times on ten different posts, or else threaten to unfollow and delete them!?!?!?!?!?!

Maybe I shouldn't? Maybe I'll loose even more friends that way???

I don't know???

Maybe I should just stop making such long, boring comments, thinking that I'm being funny, but have most people just think that I have severe psychological problems?


I am very fond of milk! I go through almost a gallon a day! Well, time to join this #milkandtators challenge. Can't hurt now can it?

Yours is the first post I have commented on today. I did comment on my own post. Oh, posted on a blog post entering a contest I am sponsoring so maybe that counts for three? Almost half way there already!

!giphy milk+potato

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Activity, and fun, and engagement, and . poop.

Good advice! I wish you had content that is of interest to me - Actifit reports just don't cut it.

yeah, not interested in actifit either.

but I am sure glad they are here.

I'm fortunate enough not to need actifit. See my diet posting from last week or so for more info. ;)

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Milk and beer

Great writing and interesting.

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