Make It Easy - I Doubt That Will Happen.

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We read the posts all of the time.

"My post gets lost", "Nobody Votes for Me", "I can't get visibility", "the Whales will not vote for me"... etc.

Earning Steem is Hard... It is hard and I am glad!

This is a good thing, nobody values what they get easily or for free. Yes, if you compare your post value to those on the trending page it might create feelings of competition, frustration and jealousy.

At the end of the day, the harder it is to earn Steem the more value it holds. I don't know where you heard about Steem or what was said to you about it, but it is much more than making a post and waiting for people to upvote it.

Most of our whales are not sitting at a computer wading through the "New" tab looking for fantastic articles to upvote.

It is your job to figure out how to get your fantastic content upvoted and there are many ways to achieve it. No, it isn't nor will it ever be all about "Quality". You can't just post your content and wait. It is your job to get discovered nobody is going to search for you, find you and make sure you are earning and if that is your vision of Steem you are likely going to get frustrated.

There is no easy button and Steem isn't some alternative universe with different economic laws. It takes an investment to make money anywhere you go. The investment might be time grinding or terrific content or money, but there will have to be something that makes you stand out and be different from all the rest of the posts and that attracts special interest in your post.

The front-ends are coming and they provide many different forms of content, videos, live streams, memes, photography, news articles, etc.

These front-ends might help you to find people with similar interests. However, it will not make it easier, it is going to get even harder.


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I have done plenty of Research, Testing , Experiments & Development. ( Whalepower Project )

Want to hear This?


Definitely we should not wait to get upvotes from whales! It's better we increase our SP and do our own business! If we do better whales will give their attention on us!


The thing is, it's actually MUCH easier to get noticed here on Steem right now than anywhere else I know of. You just need a relatively small amount of capital for promotion.

Try publishing your same content somewhere else and see how much visibility you get. On Steem, though, promotion is free. Spend $100 promoting your post and see what kind of visibility you get. Assuming your post is actually something people want to read, it will be a lot. The best part is that you'll get nearly all of that $100 you spent back when the post pays out.

Yes, I understand that many people do not have $100 to spend on post promotion, but the point is that I don't know of any platform other than Steem right now where it really is that easy.


how do i do the payment...

guide lines please


@sirkollins you can see many options to promote your posts at


Yes, it takes money to make money.


Hi @yabapmatt,

I'm Jose, senior analyst at AmaZix ( // I was referred to you by @jga, I'm working on a forum project based on the Steem blockchain and have benefitted and learned a lot from your posts about how you built Steemmonsters - very cool project btw. We're looking to do a similar implementation using soft consensus and I'd love to talk to you about it and get your feedback/advice if you've got some time. Do you have an e-mail or Telegram you can be contacted on?

Thanks a lot in advance,



Yeah, excellent points. One can still gain visibility


HAHA, there is no such thing as free promotion. There is a lot of money to be made in real advertising. What you are describing is vote selling to get on trending pages that only noobs and trolls bother looking at (I think I fit into both those categories).

I only comment these days, writing posts or in my case making videos is not worth the time.

Oh yeah, I like to downvote the shitty posts on trending. It is so funny to see how angry people get over losing less than 0.005 Steem from my pathetic downvote.

Definitely true. It's hard to earn and I'll tell you what really makes me uncomfortable..... when I see people that have the same rep as me, that post similar content to me that are somehow zooming up and getting those votes.

That used to be me doing that!

The other thing that I feel is a lot different than last year is the fact that no matter how much you invested, it always felt like you were eventually going to hit that bull run. Nowadays I think people are so afraid that the Bull Run is not going to come they're completely scared to put any Fiat in at all.

Still, it takes time. If you don't have time.... it takes money. The best thing though is to have both time and money. Two of the hardest things to come by.


am confused about this whole thing...
help please


I still feel like we are just going up and down with the markets. I don't really think we've yet made a case for ourselves in the crypto world. I think good people are starting to work on it though

"nobody values what they get easily or for free"

Yes, the whole principle of luxury goods, is to charge more for a thing, to get people to value that thing more.

In a way though, if Steem is to be a luxury item that is valued, that means that earning on Steem should be about "quality," after all.

It's just that the definition of "quality" isn't about producing some masterwork that the writer can read to (himself or) herself in bed, and have a self-congratulatory fit about how clever they are. Nor is it merely the work that must be "quality," but instead, every action and interaction in the Steem eco-system.

Surely, a luxury Steem content creator is someone who brings the greatest value to the greatest number of Steemians, through not only producing useful blog posts, that improve the knowledge and/or mood of folks, but also through every action taken on Steem, both before and after the post, designed to enhance the delivery of value into the lives of others.

To do all that is most definitely not easy, so thanks for doing it, @whatsup. Even if it isn't easy, it is easy to watch someone else do it, and almost as much fun. :)

I think bots and @dustsweeper help.

My son #ryan313 has been a member of the Steemit community since June 2017. He is the one who got me involved with Steemit. The selling point for me was that he said " Dad, you can leave an account of yourself on steemit that will be there forever."
I worked as a special education teacher for 30 years, working with emotionally handicapped children and loved every minute of it. Having a family of six and trying to make it on a teacher's salary was impossible. Side work was a must. A year ago both my wife and I retired. Now I have the time to do something like this. I have been a member since May 2018 and when I look back at the posts I have completed it gives me more satisfaction than I could have ever imagined.
The satisfaction comes from realizing that my blood will have a chance to get to know me a little better as I leave an account of a very small part of my life. Generations from now will be able to see their Grandfather, Great Grandfather and so on.
For me leaving memories is what it is all about. Don't get me wrong, I feel that I post some very good content and it is nice to be recognized by others. My father once told me nothing in life is free and if it seems to be, give it back because it will only cost you down the road.


Interesting use case! Welcome, nice to meet you and I love the pitch...

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Totally agreed.

Due to challenging financial times running my own business, I have not been able to spare cash to fund my STEEMit business. So, I have striven to produce quality content and spent most of my time networking. Quality content will be nothing without some networking spent and vice versa.

Find people like @whatsup and other interesting folks who have something going on. Contribute to that community and don't be in a rush to get rich......unless you are already. In that case, buy 500 STEEM and power up and start the way I wish I was able to!

Great advice!


my STEEMit business

This is the right way to look at it. In any other context, people generally understand that most businesses fail. Why do folks think that their foray into Steemlandia would tend to be exempt from that rule of thumb?

This is a good thing, nobody values what they get easily or for free

^^ This right here is definition of value...

Everything in life, has a reason. I have little time in steemit, but I have learned that one must read and learn a lot, from our own experiences, to grow. I still do not understand many things and sometimes I think I do not know anything, I do not invest in money, because I do not have to invest, however if I invest in time and moments, where I have met wonderful people from whom I am learning.

In the time that I have in this great ocean, I have been tempted by the need to take out my savings, but I believe in this flat, as a long-term investment, that is why I stand and reinvest in my own work.

Sometimes I think I spend a lot of time immersed in these waters, hehe, but it's a matter of taste.

I share with you that what you earn easily is not given the true value and what it costs to earn in life, it is given a higher level of value, that was taught to me by my parents, that's why I am clear that in life nothing It is easy.

In the steemit, I got a platform, which I intend to expand with my students, and encourage them in a window of ideas, as an option within a new economy with the handling of cryptocurrencies. I have to learn a lot, in order to be a multiplier, with my voice, but I have the desire and the courage to continue here, giving my best.

Today I found a post, from @Timcliff (Steem Blast Day (WOW)) where they talked about the experience of, how was that wonderful, there I found very interesting ideas, where I see that steemit, more than a platform, generates great projects where You can promote, meet people and create new ideas, all this through the network. It is a great experience.

I leave you my best wishes, positive energy to cheer your life. I liked it, write this lines. Good vibes dear @whatsup

I just came here to post somewhere “not Facebook” and “not my blog with $0.01 of Adsense revenue a month”. I’m happy with very little.

The thinking trap comes just like everywhere else in life - when you start to look over the fence at your neighbor and see how green his grass is, or how nice his car is, or how much his post made vs yours... it’s particularly hard to tune this out on Steemit, because payouts are plastered around everywhere like this was a giant endowment measuring contest. It’s just like that neighbor who pulls up in a Maserati every evening... it just grinds on you.

Personally, I just choose to make a conscious decision each day that I really don’t care how much I earn here. I can usually convince myself of this, but I do empathize with people who came here to make actual money (unlike me, who just came here for the experience and the outlet). It’s a lot harder than the landing page and trending tab makes it look.

Good pep talk though. It’s helpful to be reminded of this. What did you mean in your very last line of the post? Looks like a word might have dropped.


I don't think the trending page looks any worse than it did before the voting bots, and at the same time I fully acknowledge we are not creating a lot of motive for Authors to really pull out their best work. I guess I hope that will improve with time.

No, it isn't nor will it ever be all about "Quality".

People should not neglect the community aspect at the expense of quality. I don't necessarily vote quality posts but more often people I like for instance


There is quality in the people you follow vs. the content. Not every person I follow writes good content. I like what they write and I know they are a good person who is genuine.


If I could ban the word Quality from the site I would. ;) (probably, not.. but I liked how bossy it sounded)

everyone just need to find a way ;) no one is born with a silver spoon

i beg to differ on this one. Steem isn't really that hard to earn if you have money to buy votes or steem. but for those like me who came here with nothing and hope to earn something, they are in for a tough time. I think I have been lucky so far, given that people upvote my post regularly, without it i don't know if i would have lasted this long.
I don't have time to complain because no one owes me anything. i just write and post and hope for the best


I started just like you... Just posting, most not gaining much. It was a long grind before the bots ever got here.

There is certainly nothing easy about this place. I have learned that very quickly and I value every SP I get

"It is your job to get discovered nobody is going to search for you" That is one of the reasons why I kept telling people to post as the price dropped and some users started to flee. There was less noise to drown out our voices and being noticed did get a little easier.

You are right though. Once everything kicks off in earnest it will get harder to be noticed.


Yep, if the price catches up, it will only get harder from here. I really like our current group of dedicated people.


Yeah I found a bunch of good people over this little slow period and I think that a lot of us recognize that we were the ones who really wanted to make sure things work out here. That is something that I am willing to reward (withing my meager means, anyway lol) and I think a lot of the others feel the same way too.

I know times are still hard for a lot of people but the way I see things, this is the time to position ourselves for when the price comes back up by developing little circles of friends, acquaintances, and community members.

Just like anything in life it's all about who you know. The little secret that they don't tell you is that you can get to know the right people. Part of that goes back to your post.

It takes an investment to make money anywhere you go. The investment might be time grinding or terrific content or money, but there will have to be something that makes you stand out and be different from all the rest of the posts and that attracts special interest in your post.

If you spend your time adding value to a project, through time, effort, ideas....whatever it might be. At some stage people will notice. Once you are running in the right circles it is much easier to get to know the right people.

Why would whales vote for newbie's that they don't know when they have so many people already in their own circle. Fair enough you can argue that it would be good for the blockchain but what i've seen lately is a lot of delegation towards good projects on the blockchain. I think that this is far more beneficial to the blockchain as people are supporting projects that will add value to the blockchain and in cases like actifit actually distribute steem across large numbers of account with active users.

The opportunities are here to do better and do more but it wont happen without an investment at the start. Nothing ever does.


I'm glad you brought up the networking part! It is huge. It is a social network, not an Author's guild.


True. I think that's it partly the design of steemit that doesn't really make it that easy to network. If you only use this site is is pretty much impossible. That's why people have to use a combination of sites like steem chat, discord, steemit, dlive....ect....

I found that very strange when I first joined. That you needed to sign up to so many different sites to make it work properly. And having to find out about each of them separately as you go along. I know that there is a team that tries to welcome newbies and help them down the right path ut it took a long time before I found out most of this information. It would be great if there was a start up package when you join to show you what's out there and what paths you could take to get started. Just a thought.

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When you go for the things you want, you will definitely get them but when you sit back and wait for them to come, you will miss out.

That's the law of curiousity.

It's hard to earn steem especially as a newbie but I think discord and bots have made it much easier nowadays.

It took me almost a year to realized I needed to go in search of votes rather than waiting though . . .

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I was explaining few logic to a Steemian and seems like that person has his own agendas regarding earning Steem.

While yeah in time it will get harder but gaining steem will be worth it and like you said it will have value. We should do our best in making good contents the community will do the rest :)


I would just switch it to say engaging content.

Yeah that only reason that those people who survive the initial struggle tend to a have Very long run on steemit.Presistance and will power to succeed with little help from monetary side can get you a long way on steemit.


It takes a long time to get an account up and rolling, but once it is going, it goes faster and faster. It isn't short term riches, it is a slow build.

Yes 100% true its very hard to get vote from whales !!

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Exactly my thoughts.. but you had said it out loud and clear!

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