A Look At Your Top 30 Paid Authors...

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So, of course, I've made a list.

Lists always make people mad... Either they wanted to be on the list or they didn't want to be on the list...

Hardly anyone says... I don't care about the list.


This list represents the 30 top paid authors on Steem for the last 30 days:

Rank Author Payout
1 gooddream $829.525
2 steemcleaners $624.566
3 acidyo $577.401
4 axeman $523.966
5 tarazkp $476.968
6 slowwalker $469.336
7 aggroed $437.010
8 flamingirl $432.778
9 anomadsoul $426.856
10 ronaldoavelino $420.432
11 haejin $419.720
12 taskmaster4450 $404.649
13 czechglobalhosts $386.197
14 angelinafx $382.645
15 kingscrown $372.331
16 ocd $356.707
17 abh12345 $354.955
18 me-tarzan $354.189
19 themarkymark $349.028
20 exyle $342.934
21 coldsiksu $336.185
22 steemchiller $333.774
23 joythewanderer $332.056
24 travelgirl $330.569
25 oflyhigh $323.743
26 sigizzang $321.168
27 hangin $320.465
28 donekim $304.888
29 oldstone $301.173
30 bitrocker2020 $298.947

Very Interesting especially if you compare it to THE LIST I did last month.

1 haejin $3,437.788
2 coldsiksu $1,835.176
3 traf $1,589.967
4 majes.tytyty $1,436.376
5 gooddream $1,353.580
6 steemcleaners $1,277.187
7 angelinafx $1,272.109
8 zer0hedge $1,184.907
9 deathcross $1,180.559
10 banglatech $962.087
11 creativecrypto $951.971
12 hatu $872.293
13 ronaldoavelino $869.920
14 jrcornel $850.667
15 donekim $750.367
16 onepercentbetter $705.510
17 oendertuerk $689.912
18 slowwalker $663.086
19 ocd $660.417
20 raindrop $659.417
21 chbartist $659.372
22 flamingirl $653.455
23 zzings $640.219
24 firepower $639.517
25 htliao $637.292
26 tarazkp $622.214
27 abitcoinskeptic $590.693
28 etherpunk $589.124
29 discernente $565.003
30 me-tarzan $561.813

So, check out the changes and one of the most interesting things is the dollar amounts are down by quite a bit. I would consider that a win by it's self, but also so well known and community supported authors are starting to show up.

This suggests to me a better distribution of rewards to the community...

Well what are your thoughts and reactions?

Both behavior and blockchain calculations are still adjusting to the HF changes, but it is an interesting start.


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RIP @traf T.T

  ·  27 days ago (edited)

Thank you trafalgar, appreciate your work around here.

You too micheal

Thanks for all the abuse fighting efforts. We need as many people as possible to normalize downvoting and honest curation.

I love your sense of humor on this stuff. :) Nice job curating and making comments, good to have you involved.

Lol, @traf is doing just fine ;)

Wish to see ya at the top list again dude!


Even Haejin stopped. (For now)

What a shame that the majority of these high earners simply write about Steem. I also think it's sad that rewards have decreased, this is hardly what we need to encourage new and original creators here .

Of course, we see new 'curation' projects and minnow support groups almost daily but the sad truth is, there is almost nothing to read anymore.

Additionally, these figures are meaningless if they are simply about post rewards. Do we have curation reward figures too please?

I like to read and write about Steem. I used the Steem tag to learn about Steem when I came.

I don't like game reviews, recipes, food posts, photography or porn. However, I don't worry about those topics earning because others like them.

:) I know that is the new current topic, let's not write about Steem. I think it is dumb.

However, I think curation earning in combination would be a very interesting report.

Don’t knock my food posts!! Jk 😉😅

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  ·  27 days ago (edited)

Pretty cool. Lots of caveats including:

The liquid rewards of my (4) actifit contest post are sent to Eric as funding for the prize, and 80% of acidyo’s (8) sfpl posts are sent elsewhere too. These are all given full BT votes and so I suspect we’d be lower.

It would be interesting to see where the $s are coming from for each account 😏 (has anyone told xeldal about newsteem yet?)

Yeah there are a lot of moving parts right now, changes in behavior, calculations, more manual curation..

  ·  27 days ago (edited)

You know I find it strange that I had never heard of @gooddream yet he or she joined in April 2016. I wonder why I never heard of this account before, I must have missed it for three years never seeing a post from it and yet they must have posted a lot being REP 80. Well stranger things have happened. Perhaps they changed the accounts name?

you can't change account names, I also didn't know it is. I would guess they were making sure to stay off trending, with late votes or votes to comments or something.

Yes, I just looked at their actions on Steemworld, kind of funny I see a lot of kind of big accounts I had never heard of before, you know over 20,000 SP. Well what is is, I did think your post was interesting.

might start down voting some of the top 10 new list, screw the auto voters over :)

Honestly I think most of the active people are really happy to see downvotes.

That means it is working!

Any chance you could make a list of the 30 worst paid people on here @whatsup. I might have a chance of making that one 🤣🤔

I don't see you on​ the list.

Last month I wasn't in the top 200 and this month I am at 87

It would be interesting to see the top 200.

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There you go, the site is created by TheMarkyMark


I'd say that list is useful only after about 3-4 weeks from now if the goal is to measure organic popularity.

yeah, behavior is still changing and so are the blockchain calculations.

It's interesting to watch the changes happen though

A lot of changes will come from @ocdb going manual.

That's a neat tool, I actually found myself on 113th place, didn't even expect to be in top 200.

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I fell way off the list but making more Steem per post tbh.

Here is one of our lower paid author's posts @whatsup:


This post been curated by 4 programs and appears on many lists of good posts to support. It still has less than $1 reward on it after 4 days. If you would like to support - great! If not, please let me know what you think is wrong with it and how this minnow can improve.

This is very sweet of you! Thank you so much!🤗 While I'm pretty sure I'm getting about what i deserve(not a great post builder) I will definitely take a little free advertising. I hope mr./Mrs. What's up can give me a few pointers. I see them in the PAL discord and i know they do really care about this place like I do. All i want to do here is get better at blogging and learn new block chain stuff. I just love our community here on Steem St. and i really really enjoy documenting our families story and doing my best to help those here in need. Thank you again for your nice words and for sharing my blog here!!!🤗🤗🤗

He's a guy - keep in contact if you have a connection to him. You never know. And keep posting your interesting posts about how your new place and family are getting along. The comments you get and the small curations tell me you are on the right track, @johndoer123 :)

Few names still at the top positions isn't it? I think it's time to start calling flag commands on them! Thank you for this list!


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The fact that i have known about 21/30 of these people for more then a year indicates that absolute consistency in posting trumps everything else.
Not a single person here i would point to and say:

Look World. Look what we have here.

Not a single one.
Sure. We went from bots and absolute selfvote abuse to "well at least its not that".
Is this perfect, even decent? No, and a big NO at that.

Lets see where we go from here.

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I think that is fair.

I don't think Steem will ever be a content discovery site promoting the absolutely best content in the world.

I don't even think the world wants that. :)

What I do think is right now the crowd is so thin that anyone who isn't anti-social and who can make a decent post can take this time to network, engage and build an audience.

In my opinion Networking is a better skill than creating fantastic content. Life just doesn't work that way, name recognition matters, friends matter.

People can call it circle-jerking all they want but if you understand how brains work, we tend to move towards what we recognize.

Anyway, I think what you said is fair and I don't think we will ever move past the "It's not fair crowd".

If they had better options they wouldn't hang around yelling it's not fair.

So, I feel pretty good about the future. We just need the altcoin depression to pass, it is already easing up. :)

Just talk about steem and get paid 😂😂😂

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It's funny someone else said that too, but I don't see that all of those are steem authors. I don't even know who some of them are! :)

I'm feeling sensitive about it, because I know their is a current matra about not writing about steem and I do it a lot.

I guess will deal with it when the downvotes roll in.

People whining about Steem related content - just downvote it, if you think it's necessary, and move on with your life. Steem-related content is sort of inevitable because Steem itself is largely the platform that is used to communicate about the development of Steem. When Steem starts to mature, Steem related content will also become less relevant.

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"Downvotes roll in"? At least not from my side. :)

Everybody can write about whatever he likes, and - of course - also about STEEM.

It's just my personal opinion (which nobody has to share) that it would be helpful for the success of the platform if whales supported more non-STEEM content and especially tried to spread their upvotes on as many as possible different kind of posts and users.

That means, if at all, I 'blame' the 'curators', but not the ones writing about STEEM all the time.

Honestly that's a step up from where we were.

There is no red circle of death on the list. @whatsup

I had to laugh reading the lists. I don't know who most of those people are, and the few I do I don't care for most of what they post, lol.

Interesting that author payouts took such a hit. I knew it would be bad just looking at mine when Dan first mentioned 50/50, but wow.

Well, the list is better than last month and I think means rewards are ending up in more hands. Time will tell.

I still think we have to move past where we are today and reach outside of Steem for users.

Too bad some of those places were earned by using bidbots on shitposts. Let's see next month, maybe those will be out finally.

What a change in reward distribution! NewSteem is def changing a lot, hopefully people outside steem will see this and join our community.

I would love to see how good minnows and planktons were affected by this new distribution, hopefully with the increased curation and reward distribution they are getting more payouts because of this.

I've heard a little fussing about small minnows, but I have yet to find or have someone share with me any really fabulous contributions that were not making anything.

The idea that all posts should earn needs to also be filtered out of the expectations. I guess it is going to take a while.

So, check out the changes and one of the most interesting things is the dollar amounts are down by quite a bit. I would consider that a win by it's self

Maybe. I don't know the exact dates but the STEEM price (and therefore dollar value of rewards) is unfortunately down quite a bit over the past couple of months, and some of the decline is due to the reallocation of inflation/rewards (though maybe the latter is still a plus, overall).

I think what you are getting it as a lot of reward milking being returned to the pool by downvotes and redistributed more broadly, and there is indeed clearly a lot of that given the massive downvoting of many $50-100+ "Trending" posts, but how responsible that is for the decline in numbers here is less clear.

I think I might be an okay indicator as I appear on both lists - down the bottom a month ago with 622 and near the top now with 476. My posting behavior has been consistent for near 3 years and the drop in post value is that I hadn't used @ocdb for about a month (now of course they are full manual). Factor in the 50/50 split and I am attracting more voters, but maybe about the same rewards or 10%ish higher which could be part of the return to the pool from DVs.

Most of the early list were bidbot votes that got heavily curbed and the stake that was selling is now curating to some degree and that means votes aren't stacking on posts and most aren't posting much per day. I am in the lists because of post frequency (3ish a day) not votes stacked onto a single post. It would be interesting to see the post counts that go into making both lists.

But an order of magnitude?

At the very top it is clear downvoting is involved but for most of the rest of the lists, the difference is a lot smaller, like 1.5-2x. Not really sure what to make of that.

Yes, Agreed the price changes could mask changes in price. Maybe Marky can add rshares to it.

I don't think the price is down that much from one month ago, when I ran it, but I'm glad you made the point.

Not since a month ago, but the price was higher during the preceeding month.

Why am i not in that list haha :)

It seems like there is now a trickle down effect where there is more stake flowing to the bottom - this is very good for the integrity of the platform in the future. My posts have experienced increased curation, and when excluding @ocdb votes pre-HF21, my author rewards have increased even though curators now make more and 10 precentage points were taken from author pool to fund SteemDAO.

I'm pretty happy with the changes we've had so far.

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I'm also seeing somewhat better rewards and new people voting my posts who never did before. But you and I are nowhere near the bottom, @celestal. Many people here less than 1 year and under 1000 sp have left or are very discouraged. Their 50 cent to $1 reward evaporated down to 30 cents or less.

Some were dumb enough to get on the down-voting train with their tiny sp and now get down-voted to zero on most posts. Those are gone or soon will be.

I'm dealing with them daily since I am in the minnow tips game, and it is heartbreaking.

Well, this certainly isn't for everyone, on this point at least when the development is still very early. User experience will improve with Communities though, and more content consumers will come when they can discover the content they like easily. This is what is needed in order to attract masses, because only minority of people are creators. And at that point having any stake, even if just few hundred, is very powerful, because where else can you tip authors and earn at the same time?

What I'm saying is that many small content creators we did have, who were developing stakes, are gone or leaving now. Their few 100 sp did nothing for them, and so they are cashing it out. The new tribes are a bright spot, but many new-ish people do not even understand them. It's just another layer of complexity. Everyone who works with new bloggers here is seeing this. Very few at the top end even know it is happening. They did not look at blogs under 1000 sp before the fork, and they are not looking now either.

Lol this is exactly the comparison I did 2 times already.

But didnt earn as much

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@whatsup has been posting for pennies herself for quite a long time.

lol Ik
and lol ure back? No scorum?^^

Kinda, not really. I browse. I don't really have anything to post about.

I went and checked and I sure can't find where you did this report.

i love this. more sharing of the reward pool. its a good thing. tho the amounts on the list still bother me for certain people, most of whom ive not even heard of. who the hell are these people?

One of the reasons to post the list is it gives people a fact based idea of who is earning, and the ability to go challenge the ones that we have no idea who they are and what they do.
:) I hear you... Who are some of these people.

I remember the days of $2,5k comments and $15k posts.

Me too @schattenjaeger!!

I remember when I gave those amounts everywhere with only 1 upvote at 10% of my VP. };)

There have been some winners and some losers. It looks like the content creators are the winners.

#18 @me-tarzan is only on the list from self votes and alt account votes just before the 7 day payout. Has been doing it for over two years ^^

Well, he's not powering down. So if self-voting is an incentive for him to stay powered up, as opposed to dumping all the time, I'd say let's go self-voting.

I don’t get this logic at all. Rent-keeping is so oldsteem - we want these accounts out, no matter what price STEEM has to go before a reversal.

What ideas do you have?

If you apply that logic to all other large accounts what do you believe would happen? Do you believe it would add value to steem?

Personally I think automated post's that have little to no value should not make you one of the 20 top earners.

yeah. Well I guess as we work down the list of priorities we might get there.

Considering you upvoted @schattenjaeger should I assume that means you are of the same opinion?

I have mixed feelings about it, I think if you don't like it you should downvote it.

I don't care about whether or not it is automated, I guess my question would be who is getting value from it.

I agree in certain situations automated posts are needed and informative. In most cases that can be subjective so it is hard to call.

I disagree that is the case this time. The posts receive zero engagement from the community. With 5 minutes of research it quickly becomes clear to see that those post's hold zero value and are just a remnant from #oldsteem.

I just figured the whole attitude of do whatever you like with your stake was a dying one.

If you disagree with @haejin doing so then why would it be appropriate for someone else. In the list of priorities you speak of this is a situation which could be stopped quite easily. It would not take more than 3 or 4 decent sized accounts to combat it and the downvotes are free.

A saying I hear often pops to mind. "Why put off something until tomorrow if you can do it today".

You asking me to downvote it is a drop in the Ocean. Would make less than a 1% difference. I would gladly contribute to doing so

. This is a direct quote from you:

"While many love to talk about retention, we do not want to retain every user. We want to retain the best, the most talented, those who bring good energy, and some will fall away."

You can see where I am going with that right?

Yeah, I actually agree with all of your points above.

I meant in general we have to work on the priorities.

Currently, I've been focused on bidbot promotions, mostly that bid on days 3-6.

However, I do agree that the post you are referencing probably doesn't hold a lot of value.

But I read Arcange's stats every single day, which could also apply eventually.

I was actually referring to Arcange's stats when I mentioned some are informative. I also don't want to fight this battle. Tried to push it off onto someone else because I actually care very little about it.

I said I would mention it to one whale and leave it at that but then I saw your post and here we are. I don't like the idea of fighting every battle either, yet I can't just ignore a problem that is right in my face.

If you would like to see more of your friends climb the top earners list then remove someone who doe's not deserve to be there. It's simple.

That actually leaves me in a perfect position to pass the torch to you ;)

We are total agreement and you are in a much better position than me to follow this up. I wish you all the best and hopefully #newsteem is not just all talk :)

It's an improvement, but a lot of work still to do. More rewards are getting to smaller accounts, but you still see some of the big guys giving themselves huge votes. At this stage I don't think they should be as concerned about personal profits when Steem is struggling to retain and gain users. Maybe they worry they will make less if it should grow, but the Steem price is unlikely to recover with the way things are.

I do appreciate the efforts against some of the biggest abusers. Some have been turned around.

I will say that I am unlikely to vote for many of these people as there are others who can benefit more.

I don't even know some of them. On the other hand it is nice to see some who have been here working the whole time creeping up on the list

  ·  27 days ago (edited)

Great one .... this list should be updated each month .... maybe even top 100...and try to corect it if needed :)


Have a look there.
Proof of popularity seems to be working.

Isn't all paid content and even not paid content proof of popularity?

And I am not sure what you are reacting to since I don't even know who a few of these people are.

Just because they are popular doesn't mean, you have to know them.
Ask me about today's music, I couldn't list 10 popular contemporary performers :)

Hm, maybe some weird science papers, that are not really popular, but to peer review would be proof of brain?
Couldn't think of another example

I've always viewed Steem as a social media platform vs a content discovery platform, but I get what you are saying.

Personally I think it is unrealistic expectations.

Of course I care more about opinions, views, posts created by people I know.

And I just repeat, what a lot of people already claimed, as a content discovery platform, it sucks, as there is no good mechanism to discover new good content.

And as a social platform it lacks some basic features, that other platforms have.

Not sure, if both points are frontend, which would be a good thing, as it is solvable quiet "easy" or a backend issue.. HFs are hard:/

Some people like to compare it to Facebook, which it clearly isn't, or to reddit, but it is more a subreddit r/steemit, than a complete platform.
But let's wait for the communities. Maybe they will solve it.
Or not and it will be just one big community and a lot of tiny ones.

It's a young product. I've never thought we will compete with facebook, it mostly makes me laugh when I hear people say that.

I think Steem will remain a niche. to be honest there is not a shortage of people who will create content and there is not a shortage of content, the value most sites are the connections we make.

I love steem for teaching me about crypto. I know my views don't reflect everyone, but I have no interest in personally reading someone's recipe on Steem or looking at photos. I am glad those things are here, but alone they do even less than the crypto and steem discussions that happen here.

What seperates us from other blockchains is our community and communication platform, what seperates us from other social media projects is the crypto.

Like you already mentioned communities yourself - they will improve content discovery on the next Hard Fork, just need to be patient for a while :)

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So that I can come up with a reward like this, I don't know what I would have to do, but I don't lose hope.
The steem world seems great, but at least some are always known because users that we become common, according to the theory of 6 degrees of separation, that indicates that at least 1 can be known from the list.
Dear @whatsup you always taking care and watching how the world moves on steem, that's why I love you. A big hug and good vibes.

Hey Angelica, It took me 3.5 years to get to here. In the meantime I made 96 posts that made nothing and hundreds more that made less than $1. It takes time to build and audience and trust with the community.

I've noticed that those who rocket to success tend to burn out quickly

Is there some downvote collective people are grouping up into that is worth doing? Or is it more worth it just to curate for the 50/50 rewards?

There are many discords that include a downvote suggestions folder.

Personally, I'm watching the steembottracker to find those who are promoting older posts.

But nothing exciting and circle jerking keep going... The false illusion to make less money. ;)

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The top 4 from last month are no longer reward farming, many others too.

Of the ones in the new top, their earnings equal about half of what it was before.

That's progress.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

When I told some people that Steem has halved, they didn't believe me. Now this list attests to that fact. The highest ranked author has crashed by over 1/5. Wow. #Newsteem is sweet.

Thanks for the list. Your sense of humour is stunning:

Lists always make people mad... Either they wanted to be on the list or they didn't want to be on the list..


HF 21 in full effect pretty cool

Interesting stuff gives me something to aspire to :)

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Congratulations to all great top earners

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I feel sad for those of us that don’t want to write about Steem.

I think the Steem blockchain is awesome and all but there are plenty of people writing about it. I don’t want to join the herd.

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I'm missing how that top 30 list is filled with people who only right about Steem.

Nice that slowwalker has two accounts in the top 30 :D

  ·  27 days ago Reveal Comment