#911 Outage In WA - The Purge

in #busy4 years ago (edited)

I was sleeping soundly when my phone made the most awesome and startling sound I've ever heard.
The noise pierced my ears and nearly gave me a heart attack. Upon reading the message I find out that if I actually did have a heart attack, 911 is down. I was sound asleep!


Once awakened I don't fall back asleep easily.. I went to twitter only to find out that many are predicted Purge like behavior in WA while the emergency services are offline. It's all in fun.. I hope


A few more fun tweets...



Sheesh, who thinks like this, ... I am just annoyed that I am awake.


I wonder if this person realizes that Queens is a really long way from Washington. lol


I guess I'll go hang out on the Twitter Slumber party!

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a nice active twitter?


it's a little creepy, as if someone is trying to put the idea of The Purge in everyone's mind while emergency services are down.

If this is my last post... I guess it really was The Purge. :)



At least it got you up and looking at posts!

Hope you make it until 7am! Looks like somebody's trying to mess with your heads over there, spread some panic...

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Yeah, it seemed odd that so many jumped to the purge idea. :)

Maybe we do need a purge 😂

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haha, purges are usually good.

If you realize you're about to get purged, please delegate you SP to me, I will make sure your memory lives on.

Haha... Sadly... for you, I survived.

yaaay, that's so great...

lol - this made me laugh

The Purge as in the movie? :) You are really living in disneyland.

Hey, I didn't come up with it.

I was all stressed on your behalf then!!
.... thinking you lived in western autralia!(WA)

Phew! panic over...

That's almost worst than your fire alarm going off just to let you know that the battery is low.

It's a lot like that!

Hahahaha , those are funny tweets. You'll be ok, I suppose it was just a temporary failure in the system

Yeah, I wasn't too worried about it.

Uh oh. No comments in 3 hours, and no upvotes on these comments for over an hour. This is not a good sign. 😯

Haha, I did end up falling back asleep and I survived The Purge!

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I thought the Queen lived in England actually, not anywhere near Washington. ;D

What a way to find out that your phone is programmed with an emergency shrieking sound, that it seems like only government forces can activate. Its kind of creepy. My phone's 'charge complete' noise is loud enough, which is why I won't charge it in the bedroom at night.

The noise was unbelievable. Many talked about it on twitter... It actually hurt my ears. None the less we survived.

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