He paid me to paint, but I didn't want to.

in #busy4 months ago

For a while, in order to prevent playing games after work, I tried to learn how to draw by hand. At first, I could only draw as much as a child.

But I know that no one will buy or collect these hand paintings at all. It's just my interest. After about a week, I started to paint one after another.

It's a painful process, you know? Without games, the days without cigarettes are so hard. A friend who often plays basketball with me has been here several times. Are you ready to open an exhibition?
Oh, no, hobbies, just last week, a netizen's wedding anniversary, asked me to draw a memorable hand-painted album, Noah, that's it.
On the day the picture was sent out, he transferred 50 to me, and I pushed aside the idea of voluntary labor and no money.

But it's good to make an album.