NASA will launch exploration ship to the Sun

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The mission 'Parker Solar Probe' will travel to the Sun to study its characteristics in detail.


This August 11, NASA will launch a Delta IV superheavy lift rocket to the Sun with the aim of obtaining the clearest and most recent images of the largest star in our solar system .

The mission ' Parker Solar Probe ', was named after the astrophysicist Eugene Parker who was the first to study the nature of the solar wind and this probe will approach the Sun much more than any of the other previous ships, so much so that it will penetrate through the atmosphere to practically "touch the Sun".

"If our planet were one meter from the Sun, the new NASA probe would be placed less than 10 cm away from it," the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said in a statement .

The ship was designed not to burn, to resist the extreme conditions and temperature fluctuations thanks to its heat shield that together with an autonomous system helps to protect the instruments from the emission of intense light from the Sun and allows the coronal material to touch 'the spaceship .


The sun is the largest star in our solar system. What is the smallest star in our solar system then? ;-)

Correction, should have read: "The sun is the second largest star in our solar system, outshone only by the burning illumination of Rick Astley"

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