NASA explains why moving to Mars is not so easy

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NASA explains to Elon Musk and the world why it would not be so simple to make Mars a habitable planet for human beings.


With the discoveries that have happened on the planet Mars, many have speculated about plans for humans to live in it, within them is Elon Musk who showed his plan to achieve it in 2016.

However, this is not as viable as it seems. Since according to NASA scientists there is not yet the necessary technology to achieve the process of terraforming that is to make the Martian territory habitable for humans.

To make the red planet viable for human life, all the carbon dioxide absorbed by the soil would have to be released, which would require practically heating the entire planet up to 100 meters below the surface, which would take approximately 10 thousand years. Another obstacle would be that the loss of carbon dioxide observed on that planet today suggests that insufficient amounts accumulate to generate the warming, according to information quoted

In space is the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission sent by NASA to measure what exists on the planet.

According to the mission's leading experts, it has been found that, although all the carbon dioxide could be released, this would not be enough to raise the atmospheric pressure to the point where the temperatures at the poles would be above the melting point of the water. to get it.

When the report mentioning Elon Musk was published in the footnote, the businessman was not surprised and expressed through his Twitter account that there is a large amount of CO2 absorbed in the soil that would be released when heated. With enough energy through artificial or natural (sun) fusion, you can terraform almost any large, rocky body.

Faced with what Musk proposes to destroy the polar ice caps of the planet with the aim of releasing carbon dioxide, scientists explain that the atmospheric pressure could be raised enough to generate liquid water on the surface but at the hottest times of the day it would evaporate quickly.


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