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Double XP Crypto Week

Ahh one of my favorite times of the year! Gotta love having some fiat set aside to take advantage of some impatient buyers!

I wasn’t touching anything in the market while BTC was shooting up because I felt like I was missing out! I listened to my FOMO, but did the opposite lol

I’m honestly planning on waiting a few more weeks until I start averaging in to whatever makes sense at the moment.

My plan is to watch and wait! If Steem continues to go down, I don’t mind buying a few $100 worth, but if BTC keeps going down, I’ll be salivating at the opportunity to even get 0.5 of a BTC because it’s better off there than sitting in my bank lol

Money comes and goes, but potentially life changing opportunities are a dime a dozen. Whether I’m comfortable in the next bull run in BTC, or choose to become an orca and have some major stake in what I deem as a start up, so be it.

My mind set is that, “I’m going to have to take some calculated risks, if I’m ever going to be free, and if those risks don’t pan out, I’ll try again”.

Whether those risks fall into leveraging debt for my education or investing, I’m committed to get back up, no matter how many times I fall.

To that regard, I’ll be a doctor in 3 more years, so what ever I risked financially during these early years, I’ll recover from. Yeah it’s cool I’ll have a high paying job, but I took a lot of risk taking on debt for my education, and sacrificed my TIME to make it happen.

It’s my way of leveraging any risk I might take now. Hell, I’m just free writing and I’m starting to convince myself to just become a Orca and see where Steem takes me....or better yet, just buy BTC and pay off my student debt in a few years lol

What’s your plan? What’s your Monday? What’s your favorite thing to do on a Tuesday?



I think getting BTC when the price is much lowered is a good idea! Libra is really causing s lot of havoc.

You are very astute investor! I wish I had half of your brain capacity!

Good luck!

Lmao you give me way too much credit! Just a guy trying to build something for his non existent grand kids lol

Very small amounts right now... always buy the huge red dips 😀

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Luckily small amounts still buy quite a bit of Steem!

What's your fav project to buy at the moment? I know you really like EOS and ofc BTC!

Every crypto is a gamble, bitcoin is always king lol.

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I am trying to stake steemleo coin as I feel like it is the best profit making token.

So does that mean you're buying Steemleo with your Steem and Fiat, or just trying to periodically blog and earn?

Yep, due to steem being low valued, I think its time to invest in something else for a change.

I actually think that Steem being low valued means it's time to start investing in Steem again lol I try not to buy when everyone else is buying so I can take adv of times like these!

Are you not interesting in any other projects like BTC or EOS?

I have used only steem from the past 2 years but it was difficult to make steem power but now I have more leo coin in my wallet than steem coin in 2 years.

Might be wise to buy Steem when it’s the lowest it’s been in 2 years!

Leo runs on the Steem blockchain, which means it will give it value. Kinda like eth and ERC20 tokens!

You are exactly right dear. But I think if you keep on doing the work you are doing now, you will keep on getting what you are getting now. So I am taking a risk with steem leo. Lets see if it is worth it or not.

In addition to Steem, adding to ETH and EOS positions!

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