Is Steem Doomed If We Don't Begin To "Pay it Forward"?

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"Life is simple, but simple is never easy"- Spiderblogger

Do You Really Wan't To See Steem Prosper?
This is a question that has been plaguing my mind over the last few days. I mean of course I want to see the value of Steem go up, but to see it prosper......I don't know. I mean of course I want to see the best case scenario play out with SMTs, EIP, and the Steem Proposal play out and send us back into the top 30. Hell send us back to $0.80 and I might throw a party!

Am I however, willing to play my part in seeing that Steem continues to thrive 10-20 years from now?

Am I willing to be a cog in the machine of this little social experiment?

Am I willing to sacrifice a ROI for a brighter future?

I wan't to say yes to all three, but my actions currently and frankly have never been truly in line with what's best for our community. Like many I was playing the game and eventually went on cruise control and let the bots suck the life out of my investment.

I currently hit every goal I set for this bear market. I'm sure only the nosiest of steemians already know, but I have a second account that I have been buying into that will bring me to a total over 25k Steem. After two years of wining and crying about how unfair this system is, I am finally on the other side of the fence and this grass isn't that green.

Instead of worrying about content creation, attention from large stake holders, and becoming a dolphin, I am constantly anxious that my decision not to just invest in Bitcoin will haunt me forever.

At What Point Do You Pay It Forward?
Do you start to pay it forward when you are first starting out and dream of your upvote contributing $0.01 to a post, or when you are a mid-sized dolphin who is no longer excited by adding 1 or 2k Steem to his/her stake?

The obvious answer is that those with more stake are more likely to be ok with losing some ROI for the betterment of the community, but that couldn't be farthest from reality. What I've experienced during my rise to dolphin status is that the greed and selfishness never goes away regardless of how much Steem you accumulate.

Something has to change and I want to be part of the solution rather than he problem. I thought having all of this Steem would make me happier, but it has honestly only brought me more anxiety. That's why I decided to just be done with playing this ROI game. Once the HF drops, I am on a mission to DOWNVOTE trash, UPVOTE and support as many of my friends and under represented members of our community as possible, and if I have to be on autopilot DELEGATE to a TRUSTED curation trail that won't abuse their power and have the best interests of our community at heart.

"Questions For All Dolphins and Whales"
What is your plan of action after it's less profitable and less of a hassle to just properly curate or create and/or support initiatives that will benefit Steem?

Will you actively use your stake to vote on what proposals we will put our trust in to shape our community? If so, what types of projects will you be willing to support?

Will you sacrifice ROI to pay it forward, so that we might survive the next two or three Bear Markets.


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I simply stopped supporting those that didn't/couldn't support back - for example delegate every cent towards bots or cash out 90% of all earned STEEM :-/ I've always had about 2/3rd of my earned stake free to upvote and have manually curated every day for more than 1,5 year. If I can I also leave a comment with the vote. I do it because I think it's important and without human support no-one would be here anymore.

So yeah, my behaviour won't change much and I'll see who is going to change their behaviour - I think it won't be many. There's always a way to passively earn and many like to go for that :-)

Good or bad, game theory was used as the framework for our proof of Brian system, which is only going to work if people play the game in a way that will benefit the whole! I think the downvoting pool is going to be a well needed addition that might help steer bad actors away from bid bot abuse.

Also the creation of SMTs and communities might create an intimate environment with rules and cultures healthier and more progressive than the parent chain!

I’m def being optimistic, but if someone like me is ready to change after this Hf, then I’m sure many more might join once the dust settles and prices inc!

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I never really cared about a ROI because I've always been here for the community... Sure, getting money out of it is nice, and I've been pretty lucky in that regard, but I've always been invested in community projects, usually on a volunteer or basically-volunteer basis.
Even now at BuildTeam my main goal is to see Steem thrive.

Because what good is a high ROI if STEEM drops? What do I do with my STEEM, my STEEM power, when everyone else left and nobody reads my content anymore?

The marketing for steem has always centered around money, so I'm not surprised most people are here for the ROI. That's basically turning steem into something that's bled out and then discarded.

I see it as a long-term investment in a community that also has the nice side effect of paying for my education.

Maybe we all need to focus more on the community, if we want a long-term investment.


You're lucky that you were able to buy build team tokens! I looked into the project a while back, but couldn't afford a significant amount of tokens on bitshares smh.

But I wish I had your mindset early on lol would've probably avoided a lot of frustration lol

Oh, I didn't buy BuildTeam tokens, I work for BuildTeam and they are my salary :D

It's still by far not proportional to my work, and I see them more as a token of gratitude. BuildTeam is developing apps for the Steem blockchain, and I think that's good, so I started working for them.

The fact that Stinc is dumping STEEM on the marketplace is hardly helping the stable-coin price of 40c.

You mention that you have delegated most of your stake to Tipu, so are you really sacrificing your ROI? I can see you don't have much of a vote due to this.

I too will be flagging the shit after HF21, especially Trending crap that's got pending >$100 rewards and has little in the form of comments besides sycophantic ones.

Once the HF drops, I am on a mission to DOWNVOTE trash, UPVOTE and support as many of my friends and under represented members of our community as possible, and if I have to be on autopilot DELEGATE to a TRUSTED curation trail that won't abuse their power and have the best interests of our community at heart.

Are you saying your going to undelegate to Tipu once it drops to burn the trash? I hope that's what you mean. Maybe it will shake things up some.

This was sort of a realization I had yesterday, so haven't had the chance to pull my delegation yet, so yes i'll be pulling my delegations! I'm kinda waiting on HF21 to drop, as well as finishing up some research on where and how I want to use my stake.

That's great you're going to be on the flag train with me! I'm at the point where i'm ok with not earning anymore Steem if a flag war starts lol

That's great you're going to be on the flag train with me!

It's nothing new to me, I'm already part of @steemflagrewards.. but this will change things. I will probably post less and curate more.

It's go to be interesting for sure. You will still earn by curation... remember that will give you more than before.

As I see it, there will be a reduction in posts, but those that are there that are decent will get much greater rewards negating the 75-50% author reduction due to increased curation.

I'm starting to warm to the idea of all this. We will see..

Oh yeah, I'm probably going to focus a lot on curation because it's frankly more enjoyable to read and upvote/ downvote to the grave than spend an hour or two writing up random thoughts that nobody will read lol.

Def loving this idea, even if it's just brings a little more life back into us, while we wait for SMTs!

I'm doing okay as a dolphin who has bought very little Steem. It's 98% earned and I'm happy with that. It's also paid for things like trips to Steemfest. So I'm happy to give back. Two thirds of my SP is delegated to various people and projects and I don't expect to earn much from that. I have the @tenkminnows project that is auto voting redfish. My own voting is all manual. I also flag a fair bit of abuse, although I can only take cents away from those people.

Greed could kill Steem. We desperately need to build up a bigger active community and if most of the rewards go to big accounts and those exploiting the bots it won't happen.

It's in our hands...

You should be really proud of yourself! I know how hard it is to become a dolphin through sheer hard work! Honestly it’s dolphins like you who are going to set the example for how we with larger stakes need to act, especially since we are going to get a few more tools to support initiatives through the proposal system and downvote with the new pool!

I’m hoping to learn as much as I can regarding how I can spread my influence post Hf!

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I am proud and also grateful to those who helped me along the way. I've opted out of self voting and don't generally buy votes, but I do exploit what some projects offer, e.g. I use the tokens I earn from Steem Monsters to buy votes from them, but only in posts with all SP rewards. I want to keep powering up and gain influence to do more good.

As for hf21, I'm really not sure how that will go. I don't fully understand it yet. Not had time to read up.

I enjoy playing around with social media and I could see the potential of Steem from the start. They keep tweaking the algorithm, but the principle is still sound. I hope it gets a chance to help more people.

I think we should always be paying forward our upvotes. Its a way to build up the people around you, and let's be honest. They're more likely to help build you up in return!

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I agree. it's simple, but simple is never easy.

It's human nature to play the game selfishly, which is why i'm excited to see how behaviors change after this HF

You say it's human nature to be selfish, but people do things to help others all the time with no expectations of getting anything back apart from gratitude and respect. There are those who desperately need extra income to survive who could benefit from Steem, but they're are also those after the 'Lambo' and other non-essential luxuries. Those extremes are not necessarily typical.

I would argue that those people who act in ways that show empathy and selflessness have acquired something special the general public might understand and do from time to time, but ultimately turn a blind eye to.

It took 2 years of me blindly grinding and investing to realize that there is no amount of Steem that will quell my greed or make me happy. Maybe I should just try supporting others without concern for my ROI

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If Steem does grow then we all stand to benefit, especially if we got in fairly early. It will get harder to earn Steem, but a rising price could help. I'm interested to see how it can scale.

Honestly, upvoting others has been my MO from the beginning.

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dream of your upvote contributing $0.01 to a post Love it! This is me :-) Still even contributing $0.001 just by hitting upvote blows my mind.

Well you're on your way, that's for sure! Might want to buy some Steem while it's still cheap! $10 or $20 will really go a long way at these prices if you're just starting out!

NOpe, it has plenty of use cases, steemit rewards though are simply broken and continues to pump just a few people. Which is a major issue with DPOS over POS.

What needs to happen is steems blockchain needs SMT to provide any real value now. This is what they should be working on instead of dumb hardforks on steemit.

I am not a fan of this upcoming hardfork. It takes away 15% from authors and curators and pumps it into a system where it rewards development. But then again over the last two years has steem actually developed anything with the millions in funding they have had? NOPE

This hardfork is only going to make rich people richer those DPOS people and whales and make smaller authors and curators even less. Seems like a big step backwards for steemit.

You make a great point with Steemit inc’s priorities. SMTs are going to bring the most value and this HF is just another rule change in this never ending game of the rich sucking the life out of the blockchain.

That is however, if those with influence continue to just play the game for the largest ROI. At what point do the rich say I’ve made enough in the short term and start thinking about the long term?

Even if it’s just me trying to curate and add value, it’s better than just accepting our current system and do nothing while my investment continues to lose value

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Very true, I wish there was an area that showed posts from new signups for the first month. They could be guided to better posting and those who are already posting great content could be found easier and rewarded for brining value.

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YO, that's actually a great idea!

Maybe we should submit that to the Steem Proposal System ;)

Not sure there’s a one size fits all answer. I use about half of my SP to manually curate. The rest is delegated, some “altruistically” to @schoolforsdg4, @adollaraday, @help.venezuela, @socialbot and so on, some to @ocdb and @steembasicincome for an income stream, some to various dApps.

I can’t even pretend that it’s systematic and well thought out.

The fact that you manually curate as a dolphin is impressive to me! Add that you delegate to initiatives that don't necessarily give you a good ROI to help others in return is exactly what this community will need moving forward.

I've just delegated my stake to tipu, and feel terrible that i've been sitting on the side line after taking so much risk. My goal is to be just like you after this HF

I don't foresee a big behavior change after the HF, because as you say, it's human nature to play the game selfishly. There are a handful of people who care about the greater good/the community as a whole, and they will always care; but unfortunately most people don't. Humans tend to think not only selfishly, but short term. I think the HF will just make the rich, richer, and drive even more minnows, plankton, and newbies of any sort away. Except maybe already-rich people who can afford to buy in and become an insta-whale.

I am definitely being a little optimistic with my expectations and you’re probably right 😔

But, hopefully SMTs and the creation of different communities will help better support those minnows and planktons who’re being driven away

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Ah, that's true. Palnet has been pretty hopeful so far - perhaps there will be more like it that will mitigate the downsides.

I'm powering down my smaller alt account with 2K in it 'cos that's now fucked.

For interacting I'm now refocussing on Palnet - I can still give meaningful tips for comments in PAL which won't be likely post HF21.

As to changing my posting habits guess I'll wait and see how my rewards change.

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