A Race Against Steem Pumping

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Recently I've been thinking about whether or not it was irresponsible, to not own any Bitcoin during a period where short term speculation will only bleed your satoshi's into oblivion.

Don't get me wrong, my end goal is to ride Steem back up the cryptomarketcap list, but I'm starting to think that hedging some of my Steem into Bitcoin (as well as other resources) over the next three to six months might be my best bet in achieving Orca status.

Communities & SMT's, and Hell Maybe Tron

These buzz words, along with a few other development's I'm looking forward to in the next three months make me hesitant to start a power down, because I'd never live down selling at the absolute bottom after enduring our decline, taking pride in our growth, while dam well knowing Steem would be more fun and worth a lot more after communities went live!

My biggest issue, is that I believe in Bitcoin's future just as much as Steem's, and I own none.


What I might do is start a power down and slowly dollar cost average into Bitcoin because I don't see us going passed 10k before we spend a solid amount of time at 5-6k. And considering my 7 years living on the blockchain, I know what happen's to alts when Bitcoin crashes.

Good Idea or No?



Mannnnnnnnnnnn I have no freakin' idea what to do... probably stay mostly powered up but post everyday for a bit of investing funds

You’re probably right! Especially since it’s easier to make a name on here while the price is low!

I may powerdown about 50%, between that and earning as much as I can, hopefully things will sort of work out :D

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