Courage principle... - colorchallenge monday red

in busy •  7 months ago

Sony ILCE-6000 helios 44-2 iso-100 1/1600

Courage principle...

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Mystery roses! Dreamlevel hiding in the shadows!


@see5staar thank you for beautiful description :)

With courage there's no fear to hinder participation in the #colorchallenge_monday_red. Nice work @visterhook

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Fabulous deep red.
Thank you for your contribution!
Good fortune.


You have beautifully captured a photo in the picture. Light like a fairy tale. Sensational effect !!! You have a talent. See you later.

Colour of this image is so perfect great photography

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@thenuclear thanks a lot :)

Great photography 💓

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Great nice post thanks for vote

Linda flowers although they are not in all their splendor, and they are a little withered, they have a romantic style.


@mavips thank you for mention

THanks To Vote wait for your new updates thanks

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Rose are Awesome; beautiful shot.@visterhook.

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