Movie review: Streets of Fire (1984)

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Directed by the great Walter Hill (The Warriors, Hard Times, Southern Comfort) Streets of Fire is Rock' n Roll neo-noir fable. Set in a time period similar to the 1950's it is the tale of a rebel who tries to rescue his ex girlfriend from an old school biker gang (more like the Wild One with Brando than the Hell's Angels). There are a fair amount stunts, a lot of cheese, great music, and a really unique style of cinematography.

This film has a fantastic soundtrack of original songs, some of the songs you still hear on the radio today. I would go as far as to say the music was bigger and better known than the film itself, which was considered a flop. Classic songs include:

  • "I Can Dream About You"
  • "Nowhere Fast"
  • "Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young"

Despite the lack of box office success, SOF was a super stylized film that influenced a few films that came later. It could have been better, a lot of the original violence in the script was toned down so it could get a PG rating.


  • Michael Paré

  • Diane Lane

  • Willem Dafoe

  • Rick Moranis

Includes a cameo by Bill Paxton, before he was famous, as the bartender.
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