Debating if Steem has a future

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On one hand Ned sucked and anyone is better than that.

On the other hand do we really want to be a token on the Tron network? I never know if people are genuine about how they feel here or if they act super positive about news because they are invested and won't say anything negative.

I don't like not knowing what the plan is, that's why I won't power up again.

There has never been a clear road map. Things have never really improved with steem the core coin, I never saw much benefit with all the side deals like all palnet or weedcoin or any of it really. What good are SMT's when steem sucks? Dapps just end up being abandoned and never amount to shit, making steemit great again should been the number one focus. People always repeated the manta Steemit isn't Steem, but now that Justin Sun bought steemit what is left? Even if we did fork who is going keep classic steem on their exchanges? I think I will sell the steem I have left rather than swap it for some Tron coin. I'll probably stick around to see what happens, can't say I will be holding much SP though.
Here are some flicks I took recently




^^^New favorite drug 1cP-LSD. My drug reviews here end up on the first page of Google type "Mipla drug" into google and you'll see my blog. But fucking Steemit doesn't have a post view ticker thing anymore. It's little things like that I hate. Should I review 1cp-lsd or will this whole site be gone in 6 months? Everyone cares about this weeks payout but I care about the supposedly immutable blockchain being muted.

Isn't Sun in China? What kind of free speech haven is that? How much effort should someone make here knowing all the contacts you made may be for naught when we move to Tron? I care about more than the coins. I am old enough to remember Geocities, I put all sort of hours into a website that went defunct, and all that info, and all your followers, all gone. I have sinking feeling that is going to happen again. I don't want want to put too much effort into something that may not have a future......

Here are shroom edibles I haven't tried them yet



I saw your post and thought, 'Oh no, another one rtaking guesses etc. - just for a vote'.

As you must have guessed, you surprised me. You said what I feel and moaned about what I have moaned. Anyone who writes stories, poetry, stem articles and so other words, anyone who cares about how many bothered to read him, should have moaned as I did about the 'post view ticker thing' - but I do not recall ever see another complain about it.

So, even if it is at the edge of the cliff before we try to learn to fly - glad to have met you :)

The post ticker was removed because there are 100 dollar blogs with no views and it looks bad, literally no other reason

As I read your above message - I just had a little box flash up with the message: Filter activated - Easy list in China.

Never seen it before, any idea what it is? I don't even know how to get rid of such activation! (I only use a pc, not a smart phone

...sorry, all okay (I think) it was my adblocker adding the filter. At least I was able to find it from duckduckgo

“ 1cP-LSD” caught my attention.

Quick search... found similar to LSD but shorter duration. Very interesting.

I don’t imagine since it’s new, it’s still legally available here in Canada...?

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