Selling some PS4 Games for Steem or PAL

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So these are the games I am selling.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD Remix
Final Fantasy 15
Dragonball Xenoverse 2 - sold
Assassins Creed Origins - sold
Persona 5 Steelbook Edition
Chrono Cross (PS1)


Name your offer in the comments and if I agree to it, we will carry on further with the transaction in discord. Just remember that you will be paying for the shipping as well.

I am located in Ontario so will only be shipping to the US and Canada.


Good job :) This is how Bitcoin started to get big. People selling stuff at the internet :)
Well for Bitcoin it was drugs ... You are selling PS4 Games. There is a difference between that, but at least both art getting you addicted :D

I would honestly like a steem site with amazon-like features where I can buy and sell simple products. I don't mind if the actual site is centralized, to know that sellers aren't screwing people over. Almost like some sort of escrow.

You should have a look at @steembay.

No doubt that's cool, but we need a better interface to buy and sell products, instead of doing it through posts like this. I can have a listing in a certain category that people could go through. Like amazon they would be able to purchase and a third party would hold the steem until the product is sent and tracking information is given.

Yes I agree. But it needs a lot of time to create and run such a projekt.

Exactly and steem needs more users. We honestly need buying and selling on the platform to increase it's value. More money coming in and less money going out. If we could even get small communities to ditch their local currency for steem, that would be great... especially if they are using a hyper-inflationary currency.

Well, that's a nice thing to do. If I was in US I would have loved getting FFXV but I'm a continent away. That Persona 5 cover caught my interest... Mine has very different cover. What edition is yours?

Steelbook Edition. Original game.

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