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Hello friends steemians, the profile of the technologist pharmacist begins to configure around 1941, being well defined in 1964, the date on which the industrial developmental economic model is consolidated.

The world at war, in 1941, comes to power General Isaias Medina Angarita, Venezuela in full oil boom initiates a rudimentary pharmaceutical industry of local capital, it is at this time that a good number of national laboratories are installed. The milestone is marked by the reform of the Education Law, elevating the studies from Pharmacy to Faculty.

After the Second World War, the United States of America, one of the strongest winners, intensifies the Monroe doctrine on Latin America and expands its manufacturing industry outside its territory.

It accelerates the installation of pharmaceutical industries of foreign capital under a dependent economic model, characterized by the assembly and termination of products. We began to connect the raw materials, supplies, packing material in machinery and technologies, all from abroad and demanding foreign currencies.

By 1964 the model was clearly defined and they had even created an international organization dependent on the United Nations to implement it from all angles, ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America).

In this scenario the old Galenic pharmacist was not useful, the sophisticated capitalism required a professional with a profile of technologist and also specialized and incorporate women as a professional workforce.

It was only until 1924 that they allowed a woman to graduate as a pharmacist at the university; María Fernandez Bawden first Venezuelan woman [4] graduated. A year after the death of General Gómez, 1936, 41 women entered the study at the UCV, most of them in Pharmacy and Medicine [5]. But only after the creation of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the high demand for skilled labor by the industry, the participation of women in Pharmacy studies became the majority

The maximum aspiration of the graduate or graduate of that time was to work for a multinational laboratory. The exercise was limited to the assembly of medicines, the professional did not have to worry about formulating a presentation or the origin of the drug or even the excipients, everything was there to be assembled under a manual.

Pharmacy studies were consistent with the economic model, so it can be analyzed through the curriculum; Pharmaceutical Technology breaks down by running over the Galenica, the mentions or specializations according to the social division of labor are born. As it was no longer necessary to know the origin, Botany was replaced by Pharmacognosy, Mineralogy by the Chemistry of Inorganic Medicines and Zoology was degraded to become Parasitology.


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