The silly syndrome

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Hello steemians friends, for the first time in a long time, I heard someone say something very true and real without having to put the issue of who is the culprit, or say from his side that it was the opposite. The ease, the propensity to be corrupt, is our reality and not only now, but if it is now that it seems that more are what they see as what needs to be done, and fewer of us are left of "güevón" to decide to honor our educators and family members who, with effort, perseverance and example, instilled in us good values and a sense of ethics and morals.

Excuse the expression used, but I think that is the name of the disease that I suffer today, the Silly Syndrome. And I do not do more than hear that word when they tell me that I have an uncle who has a friend who charged Bs.10,000 to fix the matter of the waiting list for the cars of the Venezuela Productiva Automotriz plan (at that time the car was worth bs 27000), and I say that I am not urged by the car, and that I am not going to pay a person who is making easy money with corrupt activities. I also listen to it when I do not stop at the SICAD auctions and I prefer to lend the little money I can save so that events that help the students of my career to train can move forward while we wait for a sponsor to pay. And so, I listen to it in many other things.

Yes, I try to get a car through the Government's plan, because doing it at a dealership is more expensive and I want to add more accessories that increase me almost 50% the price, and very high, and my income is not not even half of what the lucky fool gets to laugh at. In the end, I am a person who still knows how to enjoy not having to live the stress of the queues and still knows how to tolerate, and avoid, the congestion of the Metro. If our streets were cleaner and less hostile, I think I would enjoy walking more.

If you are stupid, you will end up peeling balls like your dad.

My father has always been a detached person - let's say that - of the economic, of the material - although sometimes I think in excess. She is a person who has had moments to take advantage of opportunities, she has given more importance to her basic political activities, and she has rejected the opportunity to have comfortable positions because she would not allow her to comment at any time and work with the bases, be they popular or union, which is what he loves. Let's say he's another fool, at age 50 he managed to have his own apartment, thanks in part to the stubbornness of his current wife, another woman who although seizes the opportunities, never comes close to easy business or treaties dark

All my life, both my father and my mother, have taught me and motivated me to fight for my goals: My father has taught me to value what I have and to know how to choose what I want, what I need and what I want. My mother has taught me to strive to achieve my goals, to have perseverance, and sometimes resignation. Between the two have managed to make me what I am today, a just and foolish dreamer. And I thank you for making me the fool I am today. Many people sometimes ask me if I have any desire or if I am a conformist. I answer: Yes, I want to have a comfortable living level, without having big worries other than living fully, having the opportunity to travel and know, and to learn, to do what I like and work on what I'm passionate about, and about all without resorting to excesses and waste. No, I do not aspire a yacht, I do not aspire a mansion, I do not want excessively large and ostentatious things because I have no lack to fill with material things. But that will never mean that I do not buy what I like, and I will buy it because I like it, not because it gives me status or because the brand that I wear makes me feel more.

I long for one more thing, although sometimes I do not know if I will fulfill it because I feel that in this country, for now, that can only be achieved with favors, with contacts and tricks, in any political organization alike. I look forward to one day influencing the change of this country, to be able to work for a better country, for a better society, to reach public spaces of great impact and from there demonstrate that honest people can come, who are in those spaces because of he truly enjoys working for his neighbor. Because let's stop lying, in our society the big changes only come from the structures of the State that have the capacity to generate an impact of such magnitude.
To leave the chatter, what I most aspire above all things is that people understand that being silly is not a disadvantage, many did not want to be and got into drugs, ended up scammed, were identified as corrupt, ended up in jail, or even dead. The easy way, sooner or later, ends in a ravine. It is preferable to remain faithful to positive principles and values, to leave people confused when they try to make one choose the easy option by receiving a rejection back. Because there is nothing cooler than leaving people thinking, and what does this fool think? Leave the person who believes he is eating off base. Surely at that moment will leave the individual a If you're stupid, you're going to come out from below like that! ", Or similar expressions, that was a direct thrust to his pride, and found no other way to defend and self-pity than trying to diminish the another with insults and disqualifications.

I do honor, recognize and practice what in life they always taught me for good. I do feel proud to be stupid, and although the other has more power or more money, I end up being superior. I have the moral to complain to the one who gets fucked, and to taste with pleasure the one who is contributing to the degradation of this society with its bad tricks - luckily the institutions have worked when I tried it.

Being foolish for what I've been saying will never be bad, it just will not satisfy what the facilitators expect, just that. Having the fool syndrome will allow our society, and our country, to continue to have a degree of hope.


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