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Hi steemians friends, because of the indolence of the president unionist, because of the indifference with which he looks at the national suffering, one is forced to conclude that national hunger is an express policy of the current government, a policy well administered by the regime in order to maintain in a state of need to the population, so that it remains distracted in the search of the daily crust, of the mouthful required to avoid letting itself die of inopia. It is the hunger provoked and administered for political purposes.

Before the outstretched arm of the charitable Nicolás, the starved ones are grateful for the good work, the opportune help, the miraculous action and they kneel to kiss his hand. He smiles, summons a chain and utters the corresponding charade. He is accompanied by the rest of the accomplices of the PSUV, the leftists plugged in, the critics of yesteryear.

We should not be surprised then that the executioner still wins elections, since it has been shown that when hunger rages, charity serves to gain votes and obtain electoral triumphs.


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