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Hello steemians friends, it is quite opportune to write these lines reflecting on the necessary criticism and how useful it is for the improvement in the action of public policies.

For no one is a secret that encourages debate and that accommodates different visions, a very healthy attitude in democracy to depolarize or pass over those people whose idea of ​​politics is black or white, you are with me or against me.

A very wise political leader whose name I will not mention out of respect, once told me that he preferred a thousand times to have someone at his side who was sincere and told him the clear and scraped things as we say in criollito to a flatterer who said AMEN to everything. The reason for that preference ?, simple, he explained that flatterers or JALA MECATES are the first to betray you.

Commander Chávez in life went through that. Leaders who came to his gigantic leadership with the relevant RIDER to profit at his expense, and do not believe he did not realize, PENDEJO the commander was not, plus many of those flatterers ended up betraying them.

So to conclude with this small reflection on the necessary criticism and a call is made more to the leaders of the POWER that act in the shadows, they know who they are, that it is better a brave man who cries you in front of a SEALS THAT IN SILENCE APPLAUDS YOUR BACKS.


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