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Hello steemians friends, in today's post I want to reflect what they are and where are the first 14 gold reserves of the main countries in the world


  1. Portugal
    Despite the economic problems facing Portugal, including the reduction of its credit rating by Moody's Investors Service, the country remains on the list of the largest gold reserves in the world, more than 421.5 tons of gold.
    Custodian Bank: The Bank of Portugal is in charge of safeguarding the country's reserves of $ 21.58 billion, representing 84.8% of foreign exchange reserves.

  2. China (Taipei)
    It has 466.8 tons of gold. The precious metal tonnage could have a total value of $ 23.9 billion, constituting approximately 4.6% of the currency reserves of this country.
    Custodian Bank: Central Bank of the Republic of China.

  3. Central Bank of the European Union
    It is responsible for keeping safe the 555.3 tons of gold of which the EU owns. Those 555.3 tons represent 31.3% of the currencies of the European Union, and their current market value could amount to $ 28.33 billion.

  4. India
    It has 614.6 tons of gold, of which 200 of them were acquired in November 2009 from the International Monetary Fund in the amount of $ 6.9 billion. It is estimated that India's gold could have a market value of $ 31.47 billion, amount that represents 8.7% of its foreign exchange reserves
    Custodian Bank: Reserve Bank of India

  5. Holland
    It has 674.9 tons of gold, whose value amounts to $ 34.56 billion and represents 59.4% of the country's currencies.
    Custodian Bank: Bank of the Netherlands

  6. Japan
    The 843.3 tons of gold that belongs to Japan only represent 3.3% of the country's total currency, for a value of $ 43.17 billion.
    Custodian Bank: Bank of Japan

  7. Russia
    Russia holds just over 915.2 tons of gold, 7.8% of national currencies. The Russian gold metal tonnage has a value of $ 46.85 billion. Russia surpassed Japan in exploitations, adding 140 tons to its reserves.
    Custodian Bank: Central Bank of the Russian Federation

  8. Switzerland
    It has 1,146.2 tons, with an approximate value of $ 58.68 billion in the gold market. This metal represents 17.6% of Swiss currency reserves.
    Custodian Bank: National Bank of Switzerland

  9. China
    China turns to gold again to guarantee its economic stability. It currently has 1,161.6 tons of gold in its reserves, which represent only 1.6% of its international reserves. China's gold reserves have a total value of $ 59.47 billion.
    Custodian Bank: National Bank of China

  10. France
    France has a gold reserve of 2,683.8 tons. The approximate value of the metal of France is $ 137.4 billion, and comprises 66.1% of its currencies.
    Custodian Bank: National Bank of France [Banque de France]

  11. Italy
    Italy has 2,701.9 tons of gold, with a dollar value of $ 138.33 billion, which represents 71.4% of the country's currency reserves.
    Custodian bank: Banca D'Italia.

  12. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    It is made up of 185 countries and is in charge of "supervising" international economic operations. The IMF has 3,101.3 tons of gold, whose value amounts to $ 158.77 billion.

  13. Germany
    Its reserves are 3,747.9 tons. This amount of gold represents 71.7% of the country's currencies. The current value of German gold is $ 191.89 billion, according to data from the World Gold Council.
    Custodian bank: Deutsche Bundesbank [Central Bank of Germany]

  14. United States
    They have 8,965.6 tons of gold. The dollar value of these 8,965.6 tons of gold would amount to $ 459.04 billion in the current market.
    Custodian Banks: The gold deposit, known as Fort Knox, is located in the state of Kentucky, where most of the gold reserves of the United States are located. The rest of the mineral is in the Philadelphia Mint; the Denver Mint; the bullion store of West Point and the San Francisco Assay Office, all government institutions.


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