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Hello steemians friends, the three children, when the mom left very early for work, they stayed in the care of the nurse, taking advantage of sleeping peacefully, and when waking up the first thing that was heard in the older man's voice, from the same bed! Grandma, I'm not going to school! The grandmother, from the kitchen answered with the voice of a complacent woman, and spoiled woman, without thinking about the damage she was doing to the chamitos: Do not go, I do not know, neither read nor write, and I still do not I have died of hunger! This served so that the chipilines stayed asleep, until very late in the morning; When the mother returned, she learned of the attitude of her mother; I reproached her, but I ended up understanding her, because she got old without studying, becoming one of the most illiterate in this country.

Before the most recent currency conversion it has become indispensable to incite the great majority of Venezuelans, to refresh the knowledge of mathematics, in such elementary operations, as is the unit followed by zero, either to multiply or divide. This seems a simplicity, but I have seen professionals hesitating at the moment of carrying out the operation of the monetary reconversion by dividing by the unit followed by zero, which is nothing else, than running the comma to the left five places, each one means a zero, put the orthographic sign: the comma in this case of separation-and we have the action performed.

Definitely the monetary reconversion will bring the idea of a peeling eye when buying, because this bears some relation with the question of a boy to the teacher: I would like to know how fish live in the sea? The answer was quick, and very simple. Like men on earth: the big ones eat the little ones! This is totally true, seen through trade, in a capitalist country, like ours, because the weakest, when they come to realize they find themselves with the bare board, and they have no choice but to close the doors; giving the feeling of having committed the sin of having sold on credit.


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