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Hello steemians friends, education for work is not enough, to occupy a position in the labor system of the public or private sector. But less educate for foreign interests, today many autonomous public universities (paid for by the oil of all) are educating for the transnationals and very little to respond to the needs, interests and expectations of the Venezuelan people and the country. For what should be called better neoliberal public universities. It's good to be honest to know where part of that university investment is going. That is why I advocate appropriate and necessary university policies that reverse this and that deny autonomy in terms of sovereignty and the will of a people.


Within the framework of the National Consultation for Educational Quality, I would like to express my opinion on the importance of improving the fact and educational phenomenon that occurs in classrooms and beyond these in connection with the reality of the country, the institutions and communities where we live our daily lives as citizens, workers, producers and consumers.

I would like to see how the State institutions at the national, regional and municipal levels develop permanent educational and learning processes for their public officials with respect to the reality that corresponds to them, to recognize the objective citizen of their sociopolitical work and that must guarantee a constitutional right . I would like these institutions to request support and advice from public and private universities (at no cost) to provide a better service that is effective and efficient where resources are used properly and at the desired time.

We can not be satisfied with what is proposed by the Law on Community Service of Higher Education Students, which has become a requirement for the degree act. It is a question of demanding as a people all the public and private universities that give response and significant contributions to the country in terms of information, knowledge and social technology. Each career or training program must be strategic and must account for the historical objectives of the Homeland oriented to the independence and sovereignty of its citizens through informative, communicational and cultural processes where the educational entities fulfill an essential task.

Now I wonder, is it just the university environment or is the entire educational system that must act in unison with these intentions and necessary actions? In my opinion not only the university, which is the last stage of formal education but from the very base of the education system, the school and the public and private high schools but also, the family and the communities and the media of information and social communication . My answer could be categorized as obvious but in reality the opposite is done. The school holds responsibility for secondary education and the media transfers responsibility to the university. And these three hold the family, the communities and the media responsible. And the university believes that previous systems have already done that. There is a serious disarticulation and discontinuity, so it is necessary to reach an agreement on the same basis. And in the end, each one does what he or she wants. Who are the most important sociopolitical subjects to be looked after in this process: teachers or students? Both, they learn and they teach. However, the responsibility of those who run the educational centers in their various levels and the teacher in the assumption of the values ​​and interests of the country in the educational processes is fundamental.


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