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Hello friends steemians, environmentalism is a proposal that feeds different currents of thought from science, mystical traditions and some religions. One of these sources originates in the American Indian communities (Aimaras and Quechuas) depositaries of a divine worldview of the earth.


Our planet, according to these original Americans, is a divinity that interacts with human beings. She is the Pachamama, the protective mother who provides us with everything necessary to exist. Therefore, our treatment towards her must be careful, respectful, grateful.

Another source is the system theory of Ludwig von Bertalanffy, according to which the reality that surrounds us is not constituted by isolated things, but rather it is systemic, that is, an integrated whole. Nothing is out, nothing exists isolated. Everything belongs to a whole, to a totality. What is proper in this vision are relationships, networks, links.

So reality turns out to be a framework, a network of networks, where everything is connected to everything in all points. It is the plot of life that the American physicist Fritjof Capra talks about in his book of the same name.
It also provides good arguments to environmentalism the quantum theory, developed among others by Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg. In their investigations about the subatomic world these physicists discovered an amazing reality, a reality that has a strange behavior.

They discovered, first of all, that in the quantum world emptiness is a constant. In an atom almost all space is completely empty; Only a small proportion is occupied by the nucleus. Second, they discovered that in this world there is no basic matter, there is no such solid particle that scientists have always been looking for. What does exist at the quantum level are phenomena that sometimes behave like particles, but sometimes behave like waves, like fleeting flashes. They are ambivalent, indeterminate, unpredictable phenomena.

And finally, quantums noted that at this level it is impossible to divorce the subject from the object, in the same way that it is impossible to identify the specific causes of the phenomena.

And these are the principles that inspire this new paradigm of coexistence, environmentalism.

Ecology, on the other hand, constitutes a point of view, a way of thinking, where the whole, the whole, the system prevails. For an ecological vision everything that exists coexists. Every creature in the universe is in relation to everything else. All beings count in the same order of importance.


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We must recognize that the human being in physical existence is part of and depending on nature, and that each human being is entitled to live a dignified life. Let us work for a world economy with ecological and social responsibility.

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