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Hi Steemians friends, the daily life in a good part of the Venezuelan towns and cities runs in the middle of a notable lack of appropriate spaces for the practice and development of activities aimed at satisfying the spiritual needs of its inhabitants. We refer to activities that really polish the spirit, refine it, enrich it. We speak then of formative activities directed to sensitize the people so that they appreciate and cultivate in their just measure the creations of the spirit.

For the same carelessness and carelessness of those responsible for providing the man and woman on the street such spaces and activities, our populations do not have places for these purposes such as libraries, theaters, movie theaters, museums, walks, bookstores, etc.

Meanwhile, go governments and governments come and nothing happens in this regard. Total forgetfulness, complete neglect, absolute indifference. Nor are loud voices heard claiming actions, answers, facts aimed at correcting these wrongs that affect so much the formation of the subjectivity of the Venezuelan.


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